Monday, December 12, 2011

miscellany monday {Reindeer Run} {Christmas Parade} {Back to Work}

Reindeer Run!
B and the Canadian ran in the local Reindeer Run on Saturday.  Brodie had a great time, even though he was disappointed not to get a medal.  He is very competitive and already making plans to try to do better next year.


 "Southern Snow" (suds machine)

Christmas Parade!
After the Reindeer Run, we stayed to watch the local Christmas Parade.  The boys were thrilled and B reported it was the "best parade ever".  It wasn't, though.  When I was a kid the parade was full of fancy floats and many bands from all of the local schools.  These days, it is more of people sitting on cars and there were only 2 bands.  I thought I might die standing there and had to go sit down and rest after a while.  It was the longest I had been up and out since surgery.

 This is when the boys yelled, "It's Doc Hudson!"

Back to Work!
I went back to work today, for a half day.  It went well.  I felt pretty good, and stayed seated.  I was pretty sore, though from sitting up straight in the chair all day.  I think I will take a pillow to sit on tomorrow.  I just have to get through this week and Monday and Tuesday and we are out for Christmas!
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  1. it is so awesome to see your little man in the race!!!

    girl, you can make it! i hope this week will fly by and you can stay as comfortable as possible.


  2. What a fun event. the town the parents live used to have a huge Christmas celebration there is rumors that this year will be the last because it has shrunk so much.
    I am glad your first day went well.

  3. I heard that the parade was lacking from a few people. I wonder why all the high school bands don't march like they used to?

    I toyed with the idea of taking Libby, but it was cold and Drew was working. I just couldn't get motivated. Maybe next year.

    Merry Christmas!


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