Monday, December 5, 2011

miscellany monday {Possible was p.i.s.s.e.d and I Was Injured} {A Canadian and His Snuggie}

After a week of cold temps, the sun came out again yesterday.  It was nice to have a "winter picnic" with the boys.
I was hoping the fresh air would do me some good.

Any tips for boosting immunity?  Share them please!  Sinus infection going strong, but feeling better over all.  Thanks for your kind words and prayers.

Still on medical leave from surgery.  Why do I feel guilty about that?  Why do we feel like we should push ourselves to the "nth" degree and forego medical restrictions to get back to work?
So y'all know I am not a cat person.

When I was down with the virus, Possible came and slept right beside my head.  I was too 
weak to move him.  

It was also at this moment I noticed fleas on his face.  Yay.

I had always heard cats don't like water,  but never having owned a cat, I didn't realize you couldn't give them a flea bath.  

Until yesterday.
Possible was, well p.i.s.s.e.d.

And I was injured.
I have a few of these on my shoulder where I literally had to PULL that cat's claws out of my skin.

Maybe he was paying me back for shutting his tail in the truck door?

Okay, so you can't bathe cats.  Fiddle dee dee. 


When it turned cold last week, the flashbacks began.
The Canadian in that Red Fleece he wore every single day last winter.

Or him wearing the boys' Cars Snuggie as a short robe.
 (no photo available thank GOD)

I can't take it.

"Lucky" for me, the Canadian found that Dollar General had a sale.  

All XXL Snuggies marked down to $10.
Now he looks like Obi Wan Kenobi walking around the house in that thing.

He wears it all of the time.

He sleeps in it.

It's gonna be a long winter!

p.s. don't judge my messy kitchen, y'all know I've been sick!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Very sorry to hear about the sinus infection but I'm STILL laughing from the snuggie picture...why did I think that all Canadians were, like, immune from the cold or something and would be walking around in shorts in our mild Georgia weather?! haha.

  2. Being a life-long cat owner, you CAN bathe a cat, they just really, REALLY don't like it. Like at all. My mom has a persian (read: lots of hair) and she bathes her like once a month. I have only bathed my short-haired cat once. It's just not worth it. He can lick himself, right?

    And the snuggie? Wow!

  3. Danger + XXL Snuggie = PRICELESS!!!

    We use the flea drop things that go on the back of the cat's neck to ward off fleas and ticks...much easier than trying to bathe them!

  4. Ha! LOVE the snuggie! We wear ours all the time in the winter and make fun of ourselves the whole time.

  5. Oh Kerri you have me laughing out loud at Obe One. This is the kind of thing I deal with too. I thought I through out this one T shirt that makes me want to file for divorce and somehow this dingy red hole-filled shirt that is too small but also an ad for a local gym keeps showing up.

    And it's just your mind playing it's living in the past totally need to embrace the fact that you deserve and must take some time to heal. Big, big hugs my friend!

  6. your man will never live down the snuggie! boo to the fleas. that is just rotten! for boosting immunity: elderberry. i think it's expensive (i haven't bought it before but my natural grandma swears by it) but may be worth it to avoid doctor's visits.

  7. Feel better. Mine has gotten bad I am getting something compounded. a little scared about that cost.

  8. How are you supposed to get rid of the fleas?? That pic of the Canadian is hilarious!!! Dean has one but he only lays on the sofa with it. HA!


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