Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Favorites {stuff my boys said} {b's check-up}

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Favorite thing B (age 5) said this week, while he and b were playing with a submarine and car in the tub...
"Hey Mommy, we're playing Titanic and iceberg"  Lightning McQueen was the iceberg.  Do you remember a long long time ago the Titanic hit the iceberg and sank?  Did we go on the Titanic, was it that big boat we went on?"

Favorite things b (age 4) said this week...

(1)  while unwrapping a scarf his teacher gave him for Christmas...
"Ohhhh just what I needed to keep me warm in the snow!"  Keep in mind it was 72 degrees outside.
 (2)  when we pulled up at the doctor's office for his yearly exam...
"My stomach hurts, I need to see the doctor!"  Then later when the nurse came to get us in the waiting room he said, "Hello Doctor!"  and he ran right in the exam room, climbed up and laid straight out on the exam table. 
 (3) and later that night after we were home and his leg was hurting from the 5 shots he received...
"I got an emergency!  I need to go to the hospital!" 

Poor thing!  I know his leg was sore!  They put 2 shot sin one leg and 3 in the other.  He was limping for a couple of days.  The good news is that he is very healthy, has grown 3 inches over the last year and gained 4 pounds.  The other good news is no more shots until he is 12!
After it was over, he asked to go to Cracker Barrel and I was happy to take him.  Mother met us there since the Canadian was out of town and I can barely handle the 2 of them in a restaurant.
I may have broken the "no toys until after Christmas" rule, too.  
He wanted some chattering teeth.
Happy Friday!


  1. Those are really good quotes. They say the cutest things!

  2. Love your pics--especially the blog header--and funny kids quotes. Thanks for sharing these!

  3. How quickly we forget the funny little things our kids say. You'll be so happy someday that you have this documented to remember!

  4. to cute!!! kids can say the funniest things

  5. Oh my goodness, he is adorable. I'm breaking rules left and right these days and I can't believe you even tried to take them to a restaurant on your own. Shaune and I can barely do it, the two of us~!


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