Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Christmas Story - A Favorite and a First!

A Christmas Story has always been one of my favorite Christmas movies.  Over the years, I always related to Ralphie, the poor soul, as he battled bullies and agonized over whether or not he was going to get his dream gift for Christmas.  I spent many days in my childhood doing the same.  I loved the Service Merchandise catalog and would pour through the toy section every year hoping and praying for treasured gifts.  I would make numerous lists and hope that my Mother would find them.  We didn't necessarily always get exactly what we wanted, but we had nice Christmases.

In addition to all of that, the movie is simply hilarious!

We watched the movie with the boys the other night, and B loved it.  He has seen it before, but never paid attention to it.  It was probably a little too old for him until this year anyway (he is now almost 6).  He was so excited for Ralphie to get that bully and to receive his dream gift under the tree.  He told me it was the best movie ever! 

For some reason, while watching, I noticed several things for the first time - even though I have seen this movie at least a million times.  Several things suddenly occurred to me...
(1)  I no longer identify with Ralphie.  I have become the Mother.
There she is spending all of her time in the kitchen, scurrying around to keep peace in the house, waiting on everyone hand and foot, trying to keep a sense of decency to things, and looking a bit haggard in the process - yep, that's me!
(2) The Canadian is the "Old Mann".  Oh Lord, is it true!
With his get rich quick puzzle, his tacky taste, his hostility towards things that break and the neighbors unruly dogs, his nose buried in the sports page, his made up words (saying it is a word in Canada), his hounding of the food in the house, his bad language - yep, that's Doug!  But at the same time, he shows he has a heart in the end and did in fact listen to something his child said by getting him the gun, and yes, the Canadian does have a heart in there somewhere.
(3)  Brodie has become Ralphie.
He makes lists of his desired gifts, draws pictures, writes letters, drags me in to see commercials, schemes ways to try to get more items on his list (I told him to limit it to 5 items this year), writes in his journal at school about what he wants, studies, etc.  He worries and agonizes over things like Raphie, too.
(4) Blayd is Randy the little brother.
He's the kid that won't eat, who is always running after his big brother, a bit sensitive and hiding under kitchen cabinets, and he hates to wear jackets.  Definitely my little b! 

It was so weird as I lay there in bed and thought about all of these connections.  I am not sure exactly when these "role changes" occurred, but they have none-the-less.  Isn't it funny how time goes by and even a silly little movie, that you have seen a million times, can highlight the person you were and the person you are becoming.  
And maybe it's not such a bad thing - except the haggard part.  
I need to work on that.

Jenny Matlock


  1. Cute post Kerri! This has always been a favorite of my husband's too! Last year Brady watched it for the first time and loved it. I'm sure we will try and watch it again before Christmas!
    BTW, you don't look haggard to me! :)

  2. I have never seen this movie! Now I really need to.

  3. In our house, the Christmas season doesn't officially start until we watch this movie. I know, it's not exactly in keeping with the true meaning of Christmas..but wait...maybe it is!! Family is fabulous. Everyone should have one, even if they are freakishly funny and strange!!

  4. This is a favorite in our family, too.


  5. This movie makes Christmas complete! I love all the characters, but I've always laughed the hardest at the little brother. One of my favorite scenes is him eating like a piggy. That and when he can't put his arms down!

    And we can't forget "Deck de halls with boughs of holly, fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra." Love it!

  6. Kerri, one of my favorite movies. But the ultimate Christmas movie for me is........BAD SANTA!!! I know it's sick, but I can't help it.

  7. A Christmas Story is a great movie because everyone can relate to a character, just like you said. And as we change, the character we relate to changes! Merry Christmas!

  8. I didn't see that movie until I got married. It was a tradition with my husband's family and now with us too. I'd forgotten about Service Merchandise. Our first set of everyday dishes came from them but now I'm down to only one or two salad plates. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  9. Very funny! I only watched that movie once as a young adult! I should probably watch it again. It's been about 20 years! Yikes!

  10. Shaune's family always watched this movie on Christmas eve. I know of it but can't remember anything about it. I laughed out loud at the Canadian's made up words which he insists exist in Canada. Nice try!

  11. Fascinating Facts...

    This movie is always a Fun way to make things more Festive!

    Fantastic job...

    Fond wishes For a Fabulous 2012!



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