Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

{before, and let me add after much cleaning}
 {after Santa came!}
 We have a real fire place downstairs, where Santa entered - and even left ashy footprints!  I didn't get a picture, though, before b smeared them all into the rug.
B reading the note Santa left for them.  He read it all by himself this year.  SIGH.
Santa got Coke and crackers at our house instead of cookies and milk. :)
b got everything he wanted - "Spongebob that blows bubbles and Plankton that's bigger" 
 B did, too, even the last minute pop gun her threw in at his visit to Santa!
 It was great fun!  This is the first year Santa has wrapped gifts.
Usually, they are just out and ready for play.
It was at B's request that they be wrapped. 
 We stayed home and did nothing all day - well actually B and b did nothing but play and the Canadian and I fought through the ridiculous packaging they put on kid's toys, installed batteries, read senseless directions, and assembled.
This Shark Air Swimmer was the WORST!  The worst to assemble, the worst to operate (and it doesn't work well), and the worst value.  I knew that would be the case, but it was on B's list so Santa had to bring it.

It was a wonderful holiday and B said it was the "best Christmas ever"!



  1. Ditto to all of this. I have a pile of malfunctioning toys (crap) to return. But I have to admit I loved being home doing nothing instead of visiting due to a scheduling glitch. The boys are adorable in their matching pj's.

  2. i'm sure B still loves the mighty shark even so! : ) your house looks so pretty!!! gorgeous tree! love the footprint idea. glad you had a wonderful time.

  3. Love the picture of your tree and clean livingroom! :)
    Your boys pj's are super cute too!

  4. Looks like the boys had a great Christmas which I know means so did y'all! I told you that fish was huge!!

  5. Looks like the boys had a wonderful Christmas. What about you and the Canadian.


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