Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Little Boys and Christmas Trees {D is for Decorations}

 When Moms are recovering from surgery
 and little boys are in charge of decorating the Christmas tree
 you never know who
 or what you might find
 hanging among your "nice" keepsake ornaments,  
 you might find creatures great and small
but when it is all lit at night
it looks quite nice,
 and it makes me smile
 to see their little personalities 
embedded on every branch.

PhotobucketJenny Matlock


  1. Okay, I was smiling until I got to the snake and that just cracked me up! You will always remember this tree :)

  2. What a great tree! Talented kids!! Thanks for stopping by. xo

  3. Belongs in a Man Cave:) I love the's priceless!

  4. Ha! I love it. In true boy style!

  5. Now that is a Christmas tree worth remembering. What a great memory for the years they are no longer interested in decorating.

  6. Cute..a Christmas tree with creatures.

  7. i think the boys did a wonderful job

  8. Hey, they did a good job! Hope you'll be recovered soon:)

  9. A tree DELIGHTFULLY DECORATED by your boys while you enjoy DOWNTIME to get yourself on the road to wellness.

  10. That is a truly personalised tree, what lovely memories you are all making!
    Happy A-T

  11. I love that they included the snake. I hope you feel better soon.

  12. I think it's really fun to see what they think should go on a Christmas tree. Thanks for the smile.

  13. I LOVE it...with all the fun treasures stuck in there!! Your guys did a GREAT job!

  14. That's a very cheerful Christmas tree ! lol !

  15. Your tree says it all - let those little guys come to my house!! We tend to get too serious as the years go by.
    (though not too sure about having a slithery yellow critter around :o)

  16. Oh my goodness, those are two of the cutest boys ever and I absolutely love the tree and can't wait till my two want to decorate instead of destroy!

  17. I can't believe there's actually ornaments on the top of the tree. Usually it's just the bottom two feet totally crammed full when kids do it!

    Your family is lovely...and I'm glad they put the snake on there! What a fun addition to traditional decorations!

    Sending you a healing hug and a prayer.

    Hope you're up and around again soon!

    Thanks for a delightful link for Alphabe-Thursday's letter "D".



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