Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recovery Begins! {Thankful}

When they told me that all I could wear to surgery was my socks, I decided to make it count!

The procedure went very well yesterday morning. I was in a good deal of pain/discomfort for most of yesterday, but today is much better!

The doctors have cleared me, so I hope to get to go home soon. (I am mobile blogging this post from my blackberry).

I will be excited to eat real food since I have been on liquids since Monday.

I really appreciate all of the prayers, messages, calls, etc. I know that is what got me through this so well. I did not have a total peace about it until after 9pm Monday night. I was cleaning B's room and just felt it come over me, that peaceful feeling that I was going to be okay.

Thank you, friends!


  1. Glad it went well, and love the socks :)

  2. YAY!!! Praise God....(((HUGS))) sweet friend <3

  3. So glad that you came through okay. I told Jenn to keep me posted, and to let me know if any help is needed.

  4. Those socks are awesome! Glad you're recovering so well.

  5. Love those socks and love you. I'm so glad to hear things went smoothly. Hope you get to recover in some peace although I can only imagine how hard that will be being the mom of two small and adorable boys.

  6. So glad to hear your surgery went well! I wish I lived nearby so I could bring you a meal and some magazines. LOVE the socks...I bet everyone in the o.r. enjoyed them too!

  7. The socks are to cute. i am glad you are feeling better. I hope you are home soon.

  8. Love the socks! So happy to hear everything went well & you're feeling better.


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