Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch {Autumn Colors}

 This past weekend, we visited a local Pumpkin Patch.  
We go each year, and they have many activities in addition to shopping for pumpkins.
And even though you can't tell it in this picture, the boys were real excited and had a great time.
We went to work, searching for this year's "Great Pumpkin".
 The sun was bright and hot.
 All of the pumpkins seemed to call to us, "Pick me, pick me!"
The boys worked quickly, filling our wagon with potential finalists.  
We worked quickly sneaking them back out.
 Amid reports of pumpkin shortages, there were plenty items to choose from, and many were quite unique.
Some looked like strawberry and lace.
Some were already painted and decorated.
A few looked like snakes, all coiled up with their head and tongue out proudly.
Some looked like geese, bending over to sip from the lake.
And some looked like, well, we aren't exactly sure....
But, the Canadian was sure we hadn't seen anything like this around our house.

Have you been out enjoying Autumn?

PhotobucketJenny Matlock


  1. Cute pictures!! I was just talking about going to the pumpkin patch this weekend! So much fun!!

  2. Now THAT'S a squash! Stopping by from FF&P on SWW. Happy Wednesday!

  3. It looks like such a fun time! Fall is my favorite season.

  4. now that is a pumpkin patch! it really looks amazing. wish i lived where you do. the boys are doing a great job modeling the pumpkins. ; )

  5. Pumpkin orange has to be the best autumn colour. I may have to borrow a grandchild and visit the pumpkin patch.

  6. Love the post - beautiful pics!

    And thanks too for stopping by.

    Have a great weekend & look forward to *seeing* you again next time,


  7. Stopping by from FF&P for SWW.

    What a fun family outing! I can't wait to buy a few pumpkins this weekend to decorate for a Halloween party I'm hosting. :)

  8. They had such a wonderful variety of pumpkins! It looks like you had a great time.

  9. Pumpkin patch photos are always my favorite...something about the light and the bright pumpkins...I always love them! Great shots, looks like fun!

  10. Love these pictures. Something about a pumpkin patch that just makes for some of the best photos.

  11. Thank you for my visit! I love going to pumpkin patches and I try to make everyone that I can! This is really great, now I've been to another far from home!...without spending as gas money!

  12. What a colorful post ! that must have been a lot of fun too !

  13. Kerri, just found your blog! Hoping to do the Pumpkin patch thing with the girls this weekend!

  14. I LOVE a good pumpkin patch. Really gets me in the mood for the holidays.


  15. pumpkin patches and kids go great together. pumpkin patches and husbands?... haha... I know there's a photo of my husband somewhere... just like yours! silly boys.

  16. Yeow!!! I want those gourds!!!!

  17. Love the pictures. We went last year but haven't had a chance yet this year. Husbands!

  18. What fun! And the snake ones do look interesting.

  19. Those were some pretty funny looking pumpkins!

  20. Fun time! Glad you found the perfect one:)

  21. It's always strange going to the pumpkin festival and sweating. I think that here every year. Aren't we supposed to have sweaters on? Carrying a steaming flask of hot something-or-other?

    Loved your pictures! It made me feel distinctly Autumnal! Always a good thing when you live in a desert.

    Thanks for linking up to Fall Break.



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