Monday, October 17, 2011

miscellany monday {soccer} {hockey} {3 year old antics} {pool}

How in the world is it Monday, again?
B got back in the groove this weekend with soccer (scored 6 goals!)...

and hockey. 
I am glad he seems all mended from the surgery, and it will quickly become a distant memory.

b had fun on the sidelines.  He still balks at organized activities.  He also ran off and hid from me at the ice rink -which about gave me a heart attack.  I wish he would stop doing such things!  I think he is trying to make the most out of his last few weeks as a 3 year old. 
And while we are on that subject guess what he recently did to my grandmother's cat?
He loves scissors.
He also loves his "spider web" Halloween decorations.  Even insisted on taking it to church with 2 giant spiders in his bag.  The teacher was quite surprised.
And for those reasons and more, this super cute shirt from It's In the Bag is quite fitting for our Blayd, don't you think?
And someone tell these boys it is Fall!  It is hard to keep them out of the pool when the Georgia sun is so hot.  They did pull out some floats and not put their heads under water, though.  72 degree water is too cold even for them.

Happy Monday!
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  1. Um the spider webbing around his neck like that reminded me of Bjork and her swan dress!

  2. bwahahahahaaaaaa I JUST ABT WET MY PANTS WHEN I SAW THAT CAT!!! That is hilarious!!!!!!!

    Happy Monday :)

  3. Sounds like a busy weekend! I wish we were still able to swim. Even though the temp is in the high 80's the pool water is too cold.

  4. yes, the south carolina sun is still hot, too. i'm waiting... supposedly this thursday is going to be in the '60's. yeehaw!

    that poor cat. ha!

    glad your boy is recovering just fine.

  5. I am glad B is well enough to play sports again.
    I love the new header.


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