Monday, October 31, 2011

miscellany monday {Happy Halloween!} {pumpkin seeds}

Miscellany Monday meets Halloween 2011!
We went to a friend's house this weekend for a super fun birthday carnival.  She had inflatables, games, face painting, and cute decorations.  I had to take advantage and get B's picture in front of her display.
He had a great time and worked hard at organizing/inventorying his loot when we got home.
b had fun making "Mr. Candy Corn" in his class on Friday.  He kept calling it a "Baby Candy Corn" as did all of the other children.  I think they are on to something - looks like a baby to me, too!
It was frEEZing again at the soccer fields Saturday morning.  So glad we only have 2 more weeks of Fall games.
After soccer, we finally got around to carving our pumpkins. 
I had all of the necessary tools.  Coffee is a must!  Oh and a knife, too.
The boys were excited to help.
They don't mind a slimy mess, too much!
I didn't do a great job this year.  My hands were killing me (arthritis, yes I am in my 30s!) and I kept slipping with the knife.  I had to free hand that Spongebob, though, so y'all be impressed with that!  b insisted on having a Spongebob face (ugh).
We had to run out to the new Dollar Tree to get pumpkin candles and guess who won a $5 gift card for having the correct answer to the Grand Opening Trivia Question - which was "What year was the movie Halloween released?"  In case y'all don't know, it was 1978. 
As a side note, I cannot believe I took my picture looking like that!
On Sunday afternoon, we roasted the pumpkin seeds.  I just mix mine with a little olive oil and sprinkle garlic salt over the tops. I have tried many methods over the years, but I find I like the simple tastes better.
 How do you roast yours?  
By the way, B wanted me to count all of those seeds to see how many we had and to see if we had more than their classroom pumpkin did.  I gave my best estimate haha!
So far, this has been the scariest sight around our house this Halloween.  The Canadian is using this contraption to "work out" his muscles.  He made me swear not to post this on facebook, but he didn't say anything about my blog!  I guess it is a good thing he is not a subscriber. :)

We'll be off trick-or-treating with Captain America and Spongebob tonight.  
Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!

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  1. That contraption is funny! Great job on Spongebob, too! Very nice!

  2. I am not *heartbroken* about our soccer season ending in a couple of weeks that wrong?!

    I had no idea that Dollar Tree had gift cards?!?! I know what I want in my husband calls it the junk store, he has no idea ;-)

  3. It looks like a baby to me too! Y'alls pumpkins look great!

  4. I would agree with B that candy corn does look like a baby.
    Let me know if that exercise thing works i could use something on my abs.
    Have fun tonight.

  5. i've heard about that shock exercise stuff... does it really work?!!! i want to know! hahaha!

    your punkins look great! we didn't carve any, so you one up'd us!

  6. What a great friend to have. I'm chuckling over that bottom picture.


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