Friday, October 14, 2011

friday favorties {fall} {Halloween baskets} {pirates} {skies}

friday favorite things | finding joy
Happy Friday, everyone!  We made it!
Here are some more of my current Fall favorites...

my Halloween basket liner 
my friend Mercer at It's In The Bag designed the cutest Easter baskets back in the Spring and now she has done it again with her adorable Halloween baskets!  Of course I am not egg hunting or trick-or-treating, but I love having this cute basket filled with holiday treats on my table!

my most comfortable and affordable GAP jeans ever {$4 thrifted!}
my favorite witch face mug (this is the back)
my pirates who dig for treasure with small plastic beach shovels
our giant pirate inflatable, still one of the best gifts ever!
and don't forget, it lights up at night!
the amazing sunrises and sunsets in the Fall skies which "consume me with His Magesty"
and last but not least
spooky monsters in the back seat!

What are your favorites this Friday?


  1. Love it!! your blog is a Friday favorite thing! You are marvelously creative and inspiring!

  2. I love that basket!! It's sooo cute! Let's see, today's Friday favorite is the fact that today's Friday! HA! I'm tired & ready for the weekend.

  3. woohoo for cheap and awesome jeans! they're my favorite kind!!!

    i love how the skies declare His majesty!

    that pirate ship is too cool!!! i've never seen such a thing. my kids would live in it.

  4. I love finds like those jeans! It's so funny because some of my favorite jeans were found the same way -- too easy -- and then there are other times where I'll try on, try on, try on, only to leave with nothing.

    And super cool blow-up in the backyard. Very fun.

    Thanks for linking!



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