Wednesday, September 7, 2011

U is for UNREAL! {DIY Project} {Spray Paint} {Beds} {Lessons Learned}

So, as I mentioned on Miscellany Monday, the Canadian and I stopped by Lowe's to pick up some spray paint for a DIY project.  For a while now, my Mother has been begging me to get these beds out of her storage and set them up for the boys.  
One bed is an old brass bed, and the other is wooden.  I was going to paint them both, but decided the brass looked rustic and distressed in a pirate sort of way... perfect for b's room.  It still needed cleaning.  The wooden bed would have to be painted to match B's blue furniture.  I have had them sitting on my carport for several weeks waiting for it to cool down a bit so I could tackle the project.
I had also been procrastinating because I just hadn't had time to fool with any projects and furthermore, I didn't really want to deal with fixing up junk.  I am not an experienced DIY-er and would often rather just buy something than fool with the hassle.
Sanding and spray painting the bed was much easier than I thought.  I did have to make a second trip to the store for more paint because I forgot about having to paint the side rails.
Aside from a little mishap with over spray...
It was a simple project overall.   I began to scold myself internally, thinking how easy this was, and what a cost saver!  Why had I not done this sooner?!  Why had I not listened to my Mother?

I disassembled and drug B's shabby old bed frame out of his room and hauled the new bed upstairs for assembly.  It looked perfect!
But that only lasted until I tried to put the mattresses on, and found out that they don't fit.  This lovely old antique of a bed is apparently smaller in frame than newer twin beds.  After all this work, I could hardly focus on this turn of events, so I just walked out of the room and avoided striking a match to the whole thing.

Not to be totally defeated, I decided to focus on b's room.  I disassembled his crib and brought the freshly cleaned antique brass bed upstairs and assembled it.  It looked perfect!

Sadly, I don't have a picture of it, because it only lasted until I found that the mattresses don't fit it either!  Apparently, this lovely old antique is a 3/4 bed, which is about a foot wider than a twin.

So after all of the trips to the store, painting, cleaning, dragging beds up and down stairs, and assembling and disassembling, we now have mattresses just sitting on the floor and I don't care for how long!  

The two {insert extreme sarcasm here} lovely freshly painted and freshly cleaned antique beds are back on the carport awaiting disposal.  

And that my friends is why I shouldn't ever try DIY projects and also why U is definitely for UNREAL!
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  1. Oh no...that stinks! All that work and now the mattresses don't even fit. I would try and sell them on least get some money out of them! The blue bed turned out great too!

  2. Oh no! Of course, no one would think to try the mattresses first. I thought all twin beds were the same size. I love the look though....I agree with Kerri....maybe Craigs list?

  3. AWww, I'm sorry to hear that but it sounds like a lot of my DIY experiences. Love the new header - those boys are adorable!!

  4. After all this work the matress doesn't fit ? that's really disappointing !

  5. Oh shoot! I would be so mad right now if I were you. You'd probably be learning some new words right about now. Who would have thought? I never would have expected that to happen.

  6. You did a great job anyway! Maybe you could remove the side rails and just use the headboards against the wall. Maybe put the footboards against the side wall for decoration. Don't let all your hard work go to waste!!!

  7. what a bummer! But a job well done. Hope your feet get back to normal... {:-Deb

  8. And that, is exactly why I never try to do any such things myself!

  9. That is so something that would happen to me. At that point I'd be screaming & fussing about how from now on I'm paying for new stuff I don't care how much it cost!!

  10. wow what a bummer! I would try selling them on craigslist or at least donate them to the thrift store. Someone might be able to use them and you will feel better about keeping them out of the landfill.

  11. I like Sarah-Magnolia Surprise's comment...with a little tweaking. You will need to get basic bedframes to lift the matresses up and to attach the headboards to. You may also be able to attach the footboards also.

  12. They look wonderful. I love my antique brass bed.

  13. I know how frustrated you are! I have Jenny Lind bed that was mine when I was a little girl. It is sitting in the garage for the same reason. You can have mattresses made to fit, but I think they are expensive.

  14. Oh dear! This is why I write poetry. I'm no good at anything remotely diy.

    Under Blinking Stars

  15. Oh, man, that totally sucks! Of course, I had to giggle a little bit at the situation too because this has happened to me before. Just like you, I thought the same exact thing....which was to strike a match to the whole thing :) This is also why I've given up on doing any large scale DIY's and I just stick to the simple crafts :)

  16. Sorry about that. You did do a great job on it though!

  17. This is why I never do anything myself. I don't have a headboard or footboard, curtains, or...well, anything that was assembled by me. My brother did my bookshelf and TV stand, my dresser came from a model house (my dad is high level in the construction business), my bro did my nightstand, and I think he did my desk with my dad. I think I put my TV on the stand. Uh yea, impressive. My bed sits on a roller thingy. I had a headboard, but it just leaned against the wall, while my mattress leaned against it =P

    Unbelievable!! At least I'm not the only one!!

    Great U


  18. Okay Miss Kerri! The blue feet totally cracked me up. I do that exact thing and I'm always mad at myself. Try spray painting in crocs and then you end up with polka dotted feet - ha!

    Thanks for the cute link!

    This really made me smile.



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