Thursday, September 1, 2011

T is for Too Much! {Kindergarten} {Homework} {Pressure} {Etc.}

Lately, I have been doing a lot of whining and complaining about how much work Kindergarten is for those of us residing at Casa de Mann.  Some people may think I am overreacting, as I have been known to do from time to time, but, please allow me to give you a run down of our evening activities, so you can judge for yourself...

Check through Daily Folder, reviewing graded work and other directives.

Phonics sheet front -  identify pictures with the sounds...

...and back, which includes writing practice.

And good luck in always knowing what the pictures mean!  I thought it was a "barrel" - who knew Kindergarteners would have "keg" assignments!

Math concepts sheet front...
(Could you give them something easier to draw patterns of please?  Seriously, a kindergartener drawing these tiny detailed forks and such? Bah!)

...and back!  We didn't do well on this one as I couldn't decipher the directions.  (Please remember I have both Masters and Specialist degrees in education - which I say only to embarass myself further!)

There were way more counters than blocks on the graph, and they were colored on both sides, so the number was arbitrary.  ???? Whatever!

On to the computer for keyboarding practice...
(Which you need to achieve a 90% on to receive credit for the term, and to be able to play games with the other children instead of sitting and practicing your typing during computer lab time.)

...and skills practice!
(I can't even remember the requirements for this one.  I suppose I had better get on that!)
Then, they have to read their weekly assigned reading practice book to you...
...and their Library/Accelereated Reader book
(Which you have to be ready for a test on every Thursday, and need and average of 85% or above on cummulatively for the term.)

And don't forget to record all of those readings on your Reading Log along with additional books as you are trying to become a "Millionaire" in the "Millionaire Club" by reading one million words.
(and because you get a piece of candy for each reading log you turn in!)

And if school work wasn't enough, are you collecting your box tops?
(Because the winning class gets a pizza party!)

And selling your Raffle Tickets?
(Because you get an ice cream when you do!)

So what do you think?  Am I just being a whiner, or is this really all TOO much?  Especially when I hear from friends in a school across town that their kids are tracing their names and practicing their letters for homework?!

Some people in our town complain about the accolades B's school receives because it is a total magnet.  They say that when you have the cream of the crop it is easy to do well.  Let me just assure you, these kids may be smart, but they are WORKING for everything they get.  The teachers are working, the kids are working, the parents are working..we all are working! 
Brought to you by the letter T,  joining Mrs. Jenny for Alphabe-Thursday!


  1. Holy cow, if you're doing this much work each evening with your kiddo, then you should be homeschooling. I'm serious! At least you'll be the one in control instead of the teacher. The classroom is where this stuff is supposed to be done NOT at home or not this much anyhow. That's just crazy! I'm sorry, you got me ranting now.

    Here’s my Alphabe-Thursday lesson…T is for…

    Cathy Kennedy,
    Children's Author, “The Tale of Ole Green Eyes”

  2. Goodness gracious...KINDERGARTEN!!
    I agree that is excessive!

  3. And what are they doing at school ? Watching the teacher in his sleep ? ?
    That's ridiculous it will only disgust kids to learn !

  4. That seems like a lot of work. I think the guidelines here are 10 minutes of work per grade.

  5. Holy Crap!! That is a TON of homework! Jimbo's daughter started kindergarten this year and her's is nothing like that!

  6. they are teaching the kids to type! Looks like a lot of homework, for mom (and dad)! Did you say kindergarden? This may turn the kids off school! {:-Deb

  7. That seems excessive & the keg is really over the top!!

  8. They are way too young for all that work. How many hours a day are they in school? They will start hating school, and that is very sad.

  9. TOO MUCH! What happened to the 5 minutes of homework per grade level? Is your kindergarten half day? Seems like they might not have enough time to get everything done in class...geeez! Poor kid!

  10. Ker this is CrAzY!!! I think the K for Keg is to give the parents an option for how to deal with the stress and the kids can join in say in 1st or 2nd grade??? We need to take B to do something SERIOUSLY fun SOON!!!

  11. I never heard of 5 minutes of homework per grade level, would have loved that, by high school I was doing 4 to 5 hours per night after I got home from least! Sometimes it would stretch into the 7-8 hour range, but alas....

    For kindergarten that's a lot. I've never seen anyone teach typing until middle school. I would have identified the keg as a barrel as well. The pictures...are they trying to make them artists?

    I understand that they want parents spending time with their children doing homework and teaching them things too, but the point of school is that they learn things. That is what school is for. This seems like putting the job off on the parent. The parent is supposed to be more...supplemental to the learning process. Like "oh, you learnt about K in school today, can you tell me something that starts with K?" or something like that. Lessons at home? Along with homework? Nuh.

    I can see the whole "Parents don't spend time with their kids" point of view- some don't- but spending time doing homework like this isn't healthy either. Gah.

  12. It is too much -- you aren't a whiner at all... Interesting post for sure -- and lots of food for thought...

    Greetings from Germany,

    PS: See my T post here! :)

  13. Its been awhile since my children were in kindergarten but I dont remember all that work... Gosh I better get started with Ryker He will be 2 in December and he is already behind :-)

  14. Wow! that is a lot of work. When did kindergarten become about so much work?

  15. The times have really changed regarding kindergarten. I'm always shocked what my Grands have that young.

    And even more shocked that I can't even help the 4th Grader with math anymore...geometry at that age? I never figured it out when I was 15! ha!

    Thanks for a terrific link. I admire what you're doing.



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