Monday, September 26, 2011

miscellany monday {the great white monster} {sugar} {healthy meal} {make-up work}

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
{one}  The Great White Monster
Been concerned about sugar lately.  Not just about weight gain, but about the inflammatory response it can cause on your body.  Seems my body is inflammation prone, too.  In this categoy,  I also include simple carbs like white pasta.  I haven't had much of it since being back on WW lately.  Ate a big serving of it one day last week and thought I might DIE.  It was pure agony and I felt horrible.  Might be time to say goodbye once and for all.
{two}  Quick and Healthy
I whine about how long it can take to cook healthy.  Last night we had the quickest healthy meal I have ever made.  I turned on the broiler and threw in some asparagus (little evoo and s/p), and in another dish, mahi fillets with a teriyaki marinade.  Potatoes went in the microwave and were later served topped with light cottage cheese.  Total of 30 minutes prep to serve.  I felt like Rachel Ray!  I also felt wonderfully "unbloated" after this filling, but healthy meal.

{three}  Things You Never Imagine You Will Do
B is still recovering from his surgery.  We are on day 10.  I spent much time this weekend picking specks of glue (that liquid skin stuff) off of his "nether regions".  He was itching to death!  Those areas cannot get wet and the stitches and glue are drying out and driving him crazy.  

{four}  No Rest for the Recovering
This is our last week of recovery and next Monday B should be back at school.  Of course his school sent home an enormous stack of work for him to complete, and computer assignments, and even asked if I could bring him up to take a reading and spelling test.  I explained he can't yet put on clothes, and his teacher responded, "Well he can wear sweat pants or something."  She also offered to give him a test over the phone.  She is very helpful, kind, and I like her, but I say to myself, "Seriously?! This is kindergarten!" Apparently Kindergarten progress does not wait for major surgery.

Happy Monday!


  1. Your dinner sounds great! I may have to try the asparagus trick in the broiler. Sounds good and about my speed! ;)

    And sorry to cause you to revisit those dark memories of the boots. I remember your story. And I wanted to tell you that a friend of mine found the same boots (same brand and free shipping) on the Shoe Station web site. They were about $25 cheaper, too! If you get a wild hair, check it out.(Womens boots, Coconuts)

    Glad B is recovering well and I hope your glue-picking days are short-lived!

  2. oh goodness!! A test over the phone for KINDERGARTEN?!!! That's crazy. Well you know - you can't ignore the almighty test scores. Hope your little guy's recovery continues to go well.

  3. Good for you for eliminating the sugar. I hope it is beneficial for you. I used to teach elementary school and I can't imagine not making accommodations for a kinder student. No test is that important. I hope your son heals quickly!

  4. LOL we are on the same wave lenght today, haha

    Dinner sounds like it was yum-o! I love to grill asparagus (evoo/salt/pepper & wrap it in foil) Even though I don't "like" it,haha. I will eat it this way.

    Happy Monday!!

  5. I love asparagus!!! Soooo good!

  6. oh my word! i don't remember having any tests in kindergarten! hope the rest of recover goes smoothly.

    i love fish dinners... so quick, delicious and healthy!

    i need to cut back on some sugar. thanks for some motivation!

  7. No kidding, kindergarteners shouldn't be doing all that homework should they?


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