Monday, September 12, 2011

miscellany monday

{1}  Really all I can think about today is that B (age 5) has surgery on Friday.  I still haven't told him.  It will be outpatient.  This morning, I started easing in to the discussion by saying, "You won't have to go to school on Friday because we have to go to the doctor."  He was pretty happy about missing school.  It's a start.  My heart goes out to those with chronically ill children.
{2}  I seriously almost blew a gasket Saturday.  The Canadian has been visiting the Great White North since Thursday, so I was forced to take B and b (age 3) to the grocery store.  As I was hurrying through to only pick up a few things, b decided it would be super fun to joyfully scream. Any attempts I made to quiet him just made it worse.  This older man kept glaring at me and shaking his head.  I could tell he was thinking I should beat the child.  I tried not to look at the man because I was about to blow.  I was doing the best I could.  The man was so intent on letting me know how aggravated he was, that his wife even told him to turn around and quit looking.  I got the kids out of there and in the car and as I was walking the cart to the stall, I noticed the old jerk was pulling out right in front of me, still glaring and still shaking his head -  so I did the most mature thing I could think of... I stopped right in front of his car, planted my feet firmly on the asphalt, hands on hips, and stuck my tongue out as far as I could. People should really think about how they act, especially in regards to judging and criticizing others.

{3}  I saw a flag at half-staff yesterday and literally almost burst into hysterical tears.  Ten years ago, I was teaching a class of 6th graders who could not even understand the magnitude of what was happening.  I remember my cell phone started beeping with messages from my Mother and Sister telling me that my cousin in NYC was okay.  I called my Mother in a panic, and she relayed the details saying the terrorists had come out of the ground like worms.   All of us teachers just started stepping out in the hall sharing what family members were calling to tell us. I was absolutely terrified.  There were rumors that more planes were headed to Atlanta and Ft. Benning (only miles from us).  I just wanted them to close school and let us go home.  The Canadian was on the road and had just crossed the CDN/USA border when the planes hit.  He arrived home later that evening and we hung a huge American flag from our front porch and put a "United We Stand" sticker on the car.  I turned off the news. I am so grateful for all of those who serve our country at home and abroad!

{4}  My bloggy friend Daphne is having a giveaway!  Go visit her here and enter to win!

Let's have a great week, friends!


  1. It was such an awful day. I'll never forget it.

  2. Praying that B's surgery goes well Friday

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  4. Good morning from Los Angeles!

    Honey, I'm holding B in prayer for this Friday. I'm sure both he and you will come out of this like champs!

    Take care and chin up. If you ever need to talk, just send me an email.



  5. it is hard to take two kiddos to the grocery store! glad you mostly survived.

    i lost it many times on the 11th... so many tears then and now.

    may God bless your boy's surgery on friday... i hope it all goes as planned.

  6. Yay to you for sticking it to the old guy. I'm sorry but if you don't want to see children than you should go shopping in the middle of the night. You have nothing to feel bad about. On a side note, I KNOW that feeling. You get Deaglan in the wrong mood and get unlucky enough to be out with him, anything could happen!!


Kerri says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I LOVE reading your comments.

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