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Miscellany Monday {B's Surgery}

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
{misc. thoughts from B's surgery Friday}

My B (age 5) had surgery on Friday.  I was not prepared.  

We just found out about the problem in late August.  The specialist told me the surgery was necessary to prevent infertility, infection, and even cancer.  The procedure is call an orchiopexy and it is a surgery to move an undescended testicle into the scrotum and permanently fix it there.  B had to have both sides done because one side was undescended and the other side was retractable.  Normally they would not operate on the retractable, but since they were going in anyway, it was best to go ahead and tack it down too.

The surgeon had told me that it was fairly common and that B would be fine in a couple of days.  The nurse told me he would have an incision on his scrotum.

On Friday, the day of surgery, I was first told B would have to miss 2 weeks of school.  I was shocked!  I thought he'd be fine in a couple of days.  Apparently even as he heals you cannot run the risk of injury and infection from other kids.

On Friday, after surgery I went in recovery to find 4 incisions.  2 were 2.5 inches on his abdomen and 2 were .5 inches on his scrotum.  I was shocked!  I had no idea he would have the abdominal incisions.

For the first time I understood the severity of this operation, as I saw my child cut, bandaged, and crying out in pain.

The Canadian took this picture and sent it to the family with the message, "The hero of the day". 
And he was.  B was in in severe pain, writhing and groaning.  Finally, they got his pain under control with medication.  He could not move Friday and Saturday.  We had to carry him to the bathroom and beg him to try to take a few steps.  He told me he "didn't feel like himself".

Late Sunday, he started to turn the corner and was able to sit up straight in bed and walk across his bedroom.  He looked like a little Frankenstein, stiffly hobbling along, but was so proud of himself.  He had asked me why the doctor had "made him not walk when he could walk just fine before".  We even took him out in the sunshine for a little while yesterday evening.

This morning, he is out of bed and resting on the couch.  He seems to be acting a little more normal.  I am so thankful we are on the up swing. 

Friday was the worst day of my life.


  1. Oh heart goes out to B...and to you. I think it was so unfair that you were not told ahead of time about how long he would be out of school and about the extra incisions. How are you suppossed to prepare B ahead of time for what lies ahead when you are not informed yourself. I would probably have to get to the bottom of that one. What a trooper your little guy is. Saying a prayer for him right now.

  2. UGH! How awful! Poor thing & poor you! This reminded me that my sis in law mentioned awhile back that my nephew has something going on like this & the Dr. was saying they may have to do surgery. I completely forgot about it & she hasn't mentioned it again. I'll be praying he doesn't have to have it.

  3. Oh my gosh, what a hard thing to go through. Poor B, and his poor Mama! Hope he's recovered soon.

  4. Oh poor little guy. I am glad B is doing better. I was thinking about y'all this weekend

  5. Oh my friend, I would have been sick about this too. Our doctor told us that Naveen's one testicle hasn't dropped and that she would check again around age two when it should for sure. If by that time it hasn't, she said they would have to consider the options. Thank goodness all went

  6. Good evening from Los Angeles...

    Kerri, I am so sorry for what y'all had to go through, but I am so glad to hear little man is doing so much better! I'll tell you something, Madeline had to have surgery when she was 4 months old and I can still recall that paralyzing fear when she was wheeled back out. I was so scard to hold her for fear of pulling out her tubes. Almost eleven years later, though, I can also tell you it was the right call. Sometimes we, or our children, have to go through something scary to prevent something much worse. You all did the right thing for B. I know the days of recovery aren't easy, but your little guy looks like he's doing so well. And that is a great blessing! Good doctors, good recovery, and the best parents watching over him. Blessings all around!

    I'll continue to pray for a swift and easy recovery.




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