Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shark Week in Review!! {Are you sick of hearing about it yet?}

So we ended up having a blast throughout Shark Week!  
Remember, I mentioned winning a party pack from Discovery Channel?
Well, we had our party!
It was kind of last minute, and thrown together, but I had promised B, so we had to do it!
Luckily, I had some friends who were okay with last minute arrangements.
 B was SUPER excited!
 The kids had a great time!
 It was SO hot, though.
 I was so thankful everyone braved the heat for us!
  At least they could stay in the pool!
Even sweet Tucker represented!
b was worn out afterward!
Speaking of worn out, this is how B fell asleep most nights this the chair watching Shark Week.  He only had 1 nightmare when he dreamed Possible was killed in the water.
Cheers until next year Discovery!  Thanks for an awesome time!
more pictures here


  1. Good afternoon from New Orleans!

    Kerri, you are an awesome mom. I'm so happy that y'all won the Shark Week package and were able to pull the party together. It looks like you had a wonderful time!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



  2. How fun! What a fun backyard you have - we were just at my sister's who has a trampoline and Deaglan LOVED it. This would have been a great celebration.

  3. it's so super cool that discovery sent you all this. what fun!!! shark week success, for sure. your boy asleep on his shark says it all.


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