Thursday, August 25, 2011

S is for Staring at the Moon

In a previous post on the Super Moon, I admitted I was a bit of a lunatic.  This fact might have become even clearer this week.
my picture of the March 2011 Super Moon
First, I should explain that I am a total freak about my eyes/vision.  
I am panic stricken when I have to make my yearly visit to the eye doctor.  I am so terrified he will tell me something is seriously wrong.
My left eye has had a issue since I was a kid, and I have floaters which drive me nuts.  I wear toric contacts because I have astigmatism in both eyes, and they drive me crazy too.  I also have crazy allergies which bother my eyes.
I have taken eye vitamins and supplements for as long as I can remember in a quiet desperation of preserving my vision.
Recently, I read on the internet (so you know it must be true) that a person could
stare at the moon
for 5 minutes a night and improve their vision.
I may or may not have tried this...okay, I did.
Anywho, I went to the Ophthalmologist this week and while I was there I mentioned to the assistant (who happens to be my cousin) that I had heard of this new method of curing vision problems, and explained the process.  Can you believe she called me crazy?!
Later, when the doctor came in, I asked him if he had ever heard of the "moon cure" and he looked at me as though I was crazy, although he did not use those words (probably because he isn't my cousin).
Well, the joke might just have been on both of them!
As the doctor was talking to me about the results of my exam I said, 
"What about my astigmatism?"  He replied, "You don't have an astigmatism."  
I said, "Yes, I do, I have had it for years and have been in torics."
He and my cousin both conferred and assured me that I definitely do not have an astigmatism in either of my eyes.
So what could I do but announce to the both of them enthusiastically, 
"The Moon Has Cured My Astigmatism!"

I am joining Mrs. Jenny for Alphabe-Thursday
Brought to you by the letter "S" which is definitely for Staring at the Moon!
Jenny Matlock


  1. hmmmm looks like I may be staring at the moon lol

  2. Now, if only staring at the moon could get rid of your floaters! While you're at it, get some nice someone to stare at the moon with you!!

    My Alphabe Thursday is at:

  3. I need to stare at the moon with my right left eye doesn't have astigmatism. My left eye has worse vision, but you didn't mention improvement of vision. However, if it improves vision, I'll gladly stare at the moon with both eyes. It may even rid me of the need to wear glasses completely, since my eyes really aren't that bad....huzzah!!


  4. Yay for staring at the moon Kerri! You found a cure and it didn't even cost anything either! Brady has had 3 visits to the eye doctor this summer...we've all been lucky to not have eye issues, but Brady's eyes were red all summer. He took 8 eye drops a day for 2 months...and finally they are better. I guess he had a severe eye allergy...the only symptom that came w/ it was red I guess that's good.

  5. Really? Well maybe we can start to believe the internet...nah! But I am impressed that this little trick worked! Yay for vision!

  6. I have astigmatism. Guess what I will be doing tonight
    : )

  7. perhaps it's true though I have never tried it. but no matter, if it works, why does it matter who thinks your crazy?

    hooray for you!

  8. Wow. If that's all it takes... ;-)

  9. Well, I believe that it could work!! I read an article about soldiers in boot camp pulling this trick on their pals; they would take the friend's razor and place it on a window ledge where the moonlight could hit it. The next time the fellow tried to shave with that razor, the blade was so dull that it wouldn't cut butter. Soldiers took to hiding their razors in their duffle bags just to keep them sharp!!

  10. I will have to try that. my eyes are terrible.

  11. That's fantastic! I enjoy looking at the moon anyway, so I might as well extend my moongazing time and see whether it helps.

  12. I hadn't heard of the moon cure, but I remember hearing (years ago) that people who live in places with long distant views will retain their good vision longer than those who live in close built up areas, because the eyes work harder and stay healthier when they have to focus over long distances.

    Maybe the two are linked!

  13. We have eye problems in my family so eyes are a huge concern to me. I love that you've been cured!!! You're not so crazy after all. :)

  14. I haven't heard of the moon thing but I'm thinking I should try it. My vision is awful. I dread the day I go to the Dr. & he says they don't make contacts strong enough for me. My eyes still get worse every single year!

  15. I'd leave a longer comment but I'm going to go take a nap so I can try staring at the moon.

    I think there are a lot of 'old time' cures that work. I've never heard of this before, but it was really interesting.

    Thanks for sharing it.



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