Thursday, August 18, 2011

R is for Rollin' {Alphabe-Thursday} {Pool tricks} {Jeep spill}

Brodie was quite proud of himself for being able to completely roll over on his boogie board. 
At first, it happened by accident and startled him, but then he decided it was fun!
He made me take numerous pictures and videos of this new feat.
Speaking of rolling, the boys were rolling around in their jeep on Sunday afternoon.  Luckily, no one fell in - until yesterday!  Wednesday evening, I was watching them ride around when the back wheel on the passenger side slipped over the edge of the poolside.  b fell out of the Jeep and into the pool.  He quickly swam to the steps as the Canadian and I made it to their side - at lightning speed, I might add.  I was shocked impressed that we old folks can still move that fast!  The jeep did not even hit the water.  B was shook up, though, and said he was "so sorry" that he had misjudged the corner causing b to fall in.

Ahhhh life with boys!  We keep rollin' rollin' rollin' along!

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  1. Thanks for the visit from Alphabe-Thursday. New follower and glad to find you. My boys also love their little Jeep. Glad an accident was averted.

  2. Little boys are something else!

  3. I thought my three sons would never survive to adulthood - but they did quite well - though I have a few gray hairs to show for it!

    My Alphabe Thursday is at:

  4. I have six grandsons and they are a rowdy bunch. Love the pool. Oh how I would love to have one!~Ames

  5. Ahhhh it's amazing any survive,lol.
    Little one's are so much fun. It looks like they are having a good time.

  6. Cool trick. And I am glad no one was hurt in the Jeep accident

  7. When I saw the picture of that jeep approaching the pool my heart was pounding.

    I'm so glad that ended well.

    It is amazing how quickly you can move if you have to, isn't it?

    Thanks for an invigorating post this week...all the physical activity has just worn me out!


  8. Life with boys is never dull!! (and it doesn't get easier with age!)


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