Monday, August 1, 2011

Miscellany Monday {Canadian Invasion} {Vapor} {Tomatoes} {Caddyshack}

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
We enjoyed the Canadian Invasion!  6 house guests, and we all survived.  The kids had a blast and even the Dads behaved (for the most part).  
B loves hanging out with his Canadian "cousins".  
I just cannot believe how they have all grown!

I did a few hours of volunteer work this weekend for Vapor Thrift Store.  This was our Summer Session Crazy Compassion Project at our church.  
Let me just tell you how "NOT smart" I was.  Had coffee and 1 donut = no real breakfast, and then went walking through a HILLY neighborhood (passing out door hangers/flyers) in the BLAZING heat withOUT a water bottle.
Totally dehydrated.  Sick. Stupid.  Lesson learned.
Met the Canadians at the IHOP directly afterward, and I asked the waiter to bring me a banana and a glass of water immediately.  No shame.

Almost made myself sick eating tomatoes this past week.  My great Aunt brought some up from her garden.  I had toasted tomato sandwiches, and bruschetta-like bread.  It was SO good!!  Why can't you get food like this from a drive-thru?  I would eat it all of the time.

b was sick this weekend.  Not sure what kind of sinus/fever/stomach thing he had, but he was not himself and pretty pitiful at times.  He told me his stomach hurt and asked me for a bandage.
He also told me that he had the "suds" and needed to go to the doctor. (Thank you Spongebob - who I canNOT stand, and who I will NOT miss when I go back to work.)

As you may know, Shark Week started yesterday, and I represented!   More than one person called me a nerd.  One friend asked if I was offended - of course not! 
It is all in f-u-n!
 More to come...

Is it horrible that in thinking about going back to work this week (Wednesday), all I can think about is this quote from Caddyshack?
"There's a lot of badness in the world today... I've sent boys younger than you to the gas chamber...didn't want to do it, felt I owed it to them."
 scene link here

Happy Monday!


  1. Bandages make everything better. My kids are always asking for them. In fact, now I tend to give a box of them as a birthday gift. ;)

    My tomatoes aren't quite in yet, but when they come (and hopefully my little boys don't eat them all) I'll be enjoying them like you do.

    Have a great Monday. And eat breakfast. :)


  2. I watched about 15 minutes of Shark Week with Drew, then left him with it while I worked on laundry and getting things ready for the week. He was entranced!

    Libby was restless and up and down all last night, but I couldn't figure out what was bothering her. She said her tummy hurt, then she said her ear hurt, then this morning when I asked her why she couldn't sleep she said, "My head hurt." So I have no idea what was really going on. Hope b is feeling better today.

    Have a great week. And try not to get down. Try to focus on the fact that you've had the time with your family and not all jobs do. Yeah, it might not help the immediate dread, just though I'd try.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend minus the sickness! Shark Week SCARES me!!!!

  4. I am so glad you weren't offended. I love that you LOVE shark week. So awesome! P.S. You rock!


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