Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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First, a few things about Possible...remember, "our" cat?

(1)  Possible's tail has healed nicely and is no longer bent - thank goodness.  If you missed that tail, I mean tale of horror, you can read it here.

(2)  Possible went in for surgery today to get "fixed".  The recovery is going smoothly, so far.  Poor B!  He picked Possible out specifically because she was a girl cat and would have "baby kittens in her tummy".

(3)  Imagine my surprise as I was informed at the doctor that Possible could not be "spayed" since she is actually a he!  He was neutered instead.  Again, I told yall, I am not a cat person!

Speaking of surgery...

(4)  My surgery on Friday went well and the recovery has not been bad.  Thanks for your kind words and prayers!  Hoping for an "all clear" pathology report soon.

(5)  In addition, now that I am healed from the other surgery (gall bladder), I have got to get my booty back in shape!  Oh what to do?!  I really don't like the "new" Weight Watchers.  Should I go back to the old or make a commitment to really embrace the new one? SIGH

(6)  As it turns out, B will have to have surgery after all.  It will be in mid-September.  My thoughts on it right now are...  I won't think about that now, I'll go crazy if I do, I'll think about that tomorrow!

(7)  This song always makes me a little blue.  It really does have the "feel" of summer coming to an end.  
Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach...I feel it in the air, summer's out of reach.  Empty lake, empty beach, the sun goes down alone...
I ask you, what could be sadder than the sun going down alone?!

(8) I witnessed the funniest conversation between my Aunt and my very traditional 83 year old grandmother this weekend as my grandmother, rather somber and serious, recalled, 

"I remember one time I was working on 2 South when Mrs. Thigpen, director of nurses, called up to the floor and said, 'I want you to quickly go check every cabinet and closet.  You are looking for a bomb.' "
My less-than-calm Aunt exploded, "WHAT?!  I hope you did NOT go looking for a BOMB!"
My grandmother was shocked at this response and informed her that it was her sworn duty as a nurse to do whatever was in the best interest of her patients - even if it meant sniffing out bombs!
Ladies and gentlemen - let me just say, this convo became HIGH-sterical!  I wish you could have heard it in person!

(9)  Saw this license plate on a car this weekend - almost makes me want to move to Florida just so I could get one.  B would LOVE it!

(10) Still making my way through anxiety.  Haven't dropped my basket - yet!  I am having trouble sleeping, though.  Anyone have thoughts on Melatonin?


  1. My husbandhad brain surgery three years ago and they suggested melatonin as a sleep aide. He thought it really helped him. Hope you get a good night's sleep soon!

  2. This post made me laugh. Especially about the bomb! Glad your surgery went well.

  3. I use Melatonin off and on because I have trouble both falling and staying asleep. It seems to work. I'm sure it's not as strong as a sleeping pill, but it's a more natural approach. They sell it @ Wal-Mart, etc. Try a small bottle and see how it goes.

  4. I am glad both surgeries went well. I will pray B's will to next month.


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