Friday, August 19, 2011

{Friday} Favorite Things {no more tears} {rainbows} {friends}

friday favorite things | finding joy

2 weeks into school starting back and we have made it to Friday!
Here are a few of my favorite things this week.

{no more tears}
My favorite big B had a good day at Kindergarten yesterday.  Over the last week, he has been crying and saying he didn't want to go anymore.  He says the computer lab is too long and makes him cry and miss me.  I love that he misses me, but I want him to enjoy school, not agonize over it.
After a few emails with the teacher, we may have "fixed" the root of the problem yesterday.  He told me he didn't cry.  fingers crossed for my big boy!

{rainbow reminder}
My favorite little b taught me something about rainbows last year.  
I had forgotten, but I was reminded when a friend posted this on his facebook page:
do u wonder where all these distractions and sickness are coming from? satan has peeked into your future and sees what God has in store for you and he wants to take your focus off of him but i declare if you maintain and keep your eyes on JESUS and don't give in dont give up you will make it.Peter began to walk on water but something distracted him and he began to sink but he had enough faith to get out the boat and trust him ITS YOUR FAITH AND FOCUS TRUST HIM!!!

I am so blessed to have my favorite friends praying for me as I am having another little 
surgery this morning.  I will be happy to get this one over with.

It's a Happy Friday! What are your favorites?


  1. That is sweet that he misses you so much though. Good Luck with surgery, prayed it goes well for you an you have a quick recovery!

  2. Hope everything goes well with your surgery. Thinking of you. Yay for no more tears!!!

  3. sorry about your having surgery! praying it goes well... and yes, so sweet that he missed you! but happy that he isn't crying anymore... that is so hard!

  4. Love the reminder about what happens when we take our eyes off Jesus. Thank you. Needed to hear this.

  5. Beautiful post. Reminds me of the song, "turn your eyes to Jesus..."

    Hope your surgery went well. Praying for you this morning.


  6. Gosh I'm glad your little is settling into Kindergarten. It is so difficult when they are unhappy with the school situation.


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