Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Confessional {Back to School} {Tires} {Pool} {Weekend} {Summer}

Because confession is good for the soul...

I confess...this has been one of the HARDest weeks of my life sending B to Kindergarten and b to 3K.  What an emotional anxious roller coaster.  I wish I was the type of person who was overflowing with joy and excitement rather than panic and worry.

I had no idea the tires were so bald and had even split apart!
I confess...I have whined and complained and agonized over having to buy new tires, but let me tell you my car drives like a DREAM.  It is kinda like before I had my gall  bladder surgery, I didn't realize just how sick I was until I felt better, well I didn't realize how bad my car had been driving until I got my wonderful new (yet expensive) tires!

me and my big legs enjoying the "new" water
I confess...I whined and complained and agonized over having to buy a new pool pump motor, well let me tell you that thing purrrsss like a kitten.  The old one had blown the bearings and you cannot imagine how loud and annoying it was all summer!  We had to replace the salt cell, too, which was still under warranty (PTL) and now the water is softer, smoother, and dreamier than ever!
I confess...going back to work has been a RUDE interruption to my Summer.  
Bring on the weekend!


  1. I got new tires over the summer and it DID make a huge difference. It's little things like that that make you feel good though.

  2. We had to get new tires last February and you're right they make such a difference when your driving. And they were awfully spendy.

  3. Oh dear! That tire looks dangerous! OVer from Mamarazzi!

  4. New tires are great, they really do make such a difference!
    For some reason I can not comment back to you on my blog... but I have noticed that BB rarely goes #2 out also, he usually goes when we get home! It's gotta be a boy thing!

  5. I got new tires this year too and I was amazed by the difference. I think I was riding on metal before. ;-)


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