Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And Off Goes Little b!

On the heels of B starting Kindergarten this week, off went b to his first ever 3 year old program.  Other than at church, he has only been left with my Mother and Grandmother, and he isn't a real fan of organized activities.  It is past time for him to learn some social skills.
He is only going 2 mornings a week, but this is a big step for him - and me!  
(Clara must be in class on the days when he is not.)
The morning drop off went smoothly.
Of course he didn't want to pose for a picture by his clip.
He went right in and started playing in the centers.
He even talked to the other kids!

He totally ignored me at this point, so I left and spent the morning trying to concentrate on work, but praying all the while that he would do well and that most of all he wouldn't sneak out of his classroom.  He is so sneaky, and likes to slip away and hide - and will not answer when you call him.  I have been terribly afraid of him doing this at school.

When lunch time came, I went to pick him up.  I had to force myself to walk up the stairwell - I was terrified!  I was scared to hear what had happened and frightened of the (irrational) possibility that I would get up there and they would have no idea where he was.  Thankfully he was right where he was supposed to be and happily playing.
The teacher wrote this note.  The Canadian and I almost laughed out loud, and we decided we'd better frame it, because there may not be many more "loving and sweet" comments.  She said he was "so smart" because he knew all of his letters, numbers, and colors.

He had refused to do his art, and didn't want to participate in circle time (no surprise there), but he had been kind to the other students and did not go missing.  I consider that a huge win and hope it just gets better and better!
My boys are growing up way too fast!


  1. What a sweet note!! Glad he had a good day now maybe mama can rest a little easier!!

  2. First off, what a cool's the first I've seen it on your blog! Glad b had a good first's always so much harder for us moms than it is for the kids. What a sweet note. I sure miss those daily notes once elementary school starts. The last picture is so cute of b going around the corner at school.

  3. Yay for preschool! Libby just moved to a new class and I have been worrying about little things, too. I don't think that will ever go away. We want are children to be happy and safe! Can't wait to hear about Blayd's adventures in school this year!


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