Monday, July 11, 2011

Miscellany Monday...The Whiner!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I am a bit of a whiner - sorry! My surgery was 4 days ago, and I am still on the mend.  I am clear to drive, and resume activity as I feel able, but I am not over the soreness.  Have you ever noticed how "resting" creates more soreness? Achy, achy, achy.  I had a BIG pity party for myself yesterday.  Hope I am done with that.


B started VBS this week - Pandamania!  He LOVED the first day!  He was real excited to see some of his old classmates.  I love love love Vacation Bible School - especially the one at B's preschool (which is a church).  They do a wonderful job.  We have already been playing the CD of songs for the week.  Of course I cried my eyes out when I first heard them - am I the only sappy Mom that cries at the magic of VBS and the music?

I do not wish to speak of back to school.  The mass marketing after July 4 has begun, though, and someone sent an L.L.Bean catalogue to our house and B has selected 6 backpacks, lunch bags, and canteens!  Their products are not particularly inexpensive - although I know they are quality made - so hopefully we can eek out 1 for him - but not 6!


This is the first time I have had "church friends" to bring meals   to me.  Several friends have been kind enough to bring food while I am recuperating.  Can I just say how AWESOME it is to feel loved?  Not just loved by others, but by God himself?  Like I mentioned earlier, the major pity party was yesterday.  Today I have had the joy of the VBS praise music, the delight in my son's face over it, kind friends dropping off dinner items and  dessert, I just really feel His hand today...and I needed it.  
I have been so fortunate throughout this ordeal to have friends call, text, message, pray, etc. and it means so much.  I will definitely be paying this forward.  Let me also encourage you to reach out to help those around you when they are in need. The smallest kindnesses mean so much, and it reminds me of the old hymn, "Let others see Jesus in you!"


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon! Surgery is no fun but that is great to hear you have a loving church family to bring you meals!!

  2. I might be as big a fan of VBS as you are! It's THE best! :) And it is so nice to have your church friends take care of you. I have a co-worker that had the same procedure done in the fall and she was sore for two weeks. Not to scare you, just to say that you are normal for feeling that way!

  3. Your friends sound wonderful! How great it is to get meal delivered right to your house.

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon.
    I love LL Bean stuff.


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