Monday, July 25, 2011

Miscellany Monday {Really, I Am Not A Cat Person} {Poor Possible}

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

So early yesterday morning, B woke up begging me to go out to the truck to get something he had left the day before.  As we opened the front door to go outside, Possible, the cat, ran inside the house.  
The neighborhood was still really quiet, but B wasn't, of course.  He was was talking my head off the whole way out to the truck.  As I was shutting the truck door, I had my eyes on B listening to his plans for the day, when I suddenly heard a horrible LOUD SQUEAL.  
B and I both turned around and started screaming as we saw before us a horrible sight - Possible was hanging by her tail from the truck door, spinning wildly through the air, and making the most horrible sound. She must have come back outside and I didn't see her. 
I quickly opened the door back up and she flew across the yard to the house.  It was a wild scene, as B was screaming, "I don't want my cat to die!"  The Canadian, who had appeared like a madman in his underwear - straight out of bed, thinking someone had been hit by a car - was yelling at me, "Weren't you paying attention?!" I was trying to explain that I thought the cat was in the house and I was in fact paying attention - to B, as he was talking!
The good news is there was no blood, and Possible seems to be okay.  Her tail is still bent, though.  Seriously, I told you people I am not a cat person!
Possible sleeping it off.
Prior to the "cat"astrophic debacle yesterday, I had enjoyed listening to B and b have a deep conversation, as they hatched a plan to wake up their Dad, the Canadian.  B finally figured out how he could pull a surprise attack and jump up on top of him, and b was off to find whistles to blow in his ears.

It has been really amazing to settle in to my new self, sans gall bladder.  It is so nice to not have nausea every single morning and through out the day.  Even better to not wake up with excruciating back pain in the night.  I have been to eat and tolerate food AND COFFEE with no issues. My stomach is not tight and protruding at the end of the day.  Simply wonderful, feeling well after feeling sick for so long.

I have been in awe of the supportive comments I have received to my post Swallow That Pill.  So many have reached out commenting on the blog, Facebook, and via Private Message to not only offer support, but to say they are going through the same thing.  It is comforting to feel I am not alone in these dark economic times.

Off to enjoy a Happy Monday! 


  1. Okay, so I was both cringing and laughing while I was reading the cat story. I have stepped on my cat's tail more than once, on accident of course, and the sound he makes is alarming to say the least! Hope Possible's tail recovers fully.

    And secondly, I'm SO glad to hear that your body is allowing you to return to "normal" (but are we ever really, normal?) I am happy to hear the surgery and recovery was all worth it. Yay for the return of coffee!

  2. Don't worry you are not the only one who is not a cat person, and I was laughing through your whole story! It's my first time hear, stopping by from MM, but glad that you are feeling better!

  3. Poor kitty! She's so cute, how could you not love her? (Only kidding- while I'm a cat person, I am NOT a dog person so I can understand how you feel.) I'm glad you're feeling better! It must be amazing to feel good after being sick and then going through surgery.

  4. Ouch, poor Possible! I'm not a cat fan either. I even made my husband promise me before we were married that we would never have a cat. Well, we have Barabara. She was a stray and Brady begged us to take her in. We've had her 4 yrs.

    So glad your feeling better since your surgery!!

  5. I am indifferent about cats and dogs so I definitely understand :) We will not be getting either if I have any say in it. Funny story, though!

    My mom is having possible gall bladder problems. She is thinking it needs to come out at some point this summer. I'm hopeful that's it since it seems like it was pretty instant relief for you and she could really use that. Glad you're feeling well!

  6. Poor kitty! I hope Possibles tail heals
    And Canadians are great, didn't you know? lol

  7. Don't think I'm awful but I did bust out laughing when I read about Possible hanging from his tail! So not a cat person. I can't help it. So glad you're feeling better!

  8. I never guessed the cat had snuck out. I was so into your chat and waiting to see what had been left in the truck.

  9. in all of this, i just love that the cat is named possible. : ) so cute. glad you're adjusting to life without a gall bladder. it's better this way, isn't it?! i still have to be careful with the greasy foods, six years later, but it's worth it to feel good!


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