Friday, July 1, 2011

Bug Hunting {Summer List Adventures}

So yesterday evening, we went bug hunting at our neighborhood park.  
It was B's idea to wear the boots (of course).

As soon as we got there., they were wild running here and there and examining everything.
It is amazing how nature in itself became a playground.
They wanted to throw everything in the creek.
And pull the bark off of the trees.

And pose like "Alex the Lion" (Madagascar).
And give their best ROARs.
But then they kicked off their boots.
For a little fun at the playground.
Where do they get this energy so late in the day?
They kept "rescuing" each other.
It was SO cute when they'd run to each other and hug as if they'd been away for years!
Then B found the perfect tree to climb.
So we hung out for a while.
And b gave it a whirl, too.
He thought he was super high.
The many faces...
of B

 so dramatic
 and serious
then they hugged a few trees
 why?  I don't know.
B said he loved the big trees
 a few more poses
 and a few bugs
 and other creatures
and a final walk
 they thought we were really in the "wild" forest
 it was so fun
and free.

Happy Friday!


  1. I so love these boys and that I get to share in their experiences through your blogs and in real life!!!

  2. What a super fun post! Summer perfect indeed!

    p.s. Found you at Flip Flop blog!

    Bonjour, come say hello!
    Twenty York Street

    Twenty York Street

  3. You have the CUTEST family! LOVE all of these photos - you take GORGEOUS pictures!

  4. Love the pictures! I'm not looking forward to bug hunting when my boys are old enough. I hate bugs for the most part.


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