Thursday, June 9, 2011

So I was Cussed Out at Starbucks...

Last night, a group of about 20 ladies met at Starbucks for our first Bible Study of the Summer Term.  As we were all outside, greeting one another and moving chairs and tables together, there were smiles, happy faces and introductions - until...
Just as we were getting ready to get started, a huge man from a nearby table blew over and LOUDly mocked us and said,
"Your little 'hee hee hee' God group is making too much noise and you are going to have to shut up!"

And as he finished he was staring at me, so since he was looking at me, I said to him, 
"Oh no we are not!'  
He then huffed up and spouted, 
And with that he stormed off back to his table. 

We all just sat there and stared for a minute and then our Pastor's wife called the group to order and we began.  At that point, I went inside Starbucks to make the manager aware of happened.  This man was very hostile, and scarily explosive, and I wasn't totally comfortable that he would leave us alone.  It is probably the school teacher in me that drives me to address these things.

Thankfully the manager came out and spoke to Angry Man and his group and we did not hear from him again.  They also brought us out mini Vanilla Bean Frapps with their sincere apologies - score!

As I tried to get my mind refocused on what we were actually there for all I could think about was:

(1) Am I a self-righteous bitch?
Even when we know better, isn't it crazy how we can entertain the unfounded ravings of others and waste time trying to figure out what is wrong with us when obviously the problem is with them.

(2) Why does this always happen to me?  Why do I draw the lunatics like flies?  There were 20 girls there, why single me out?
One girl in our group suggested it was because they all turned and looked away and I was the only one making eye contact with him.  Note to self:  ignore all psychopaths from now on.

(3) This is total confirmation of what I have suspected and known all along - the devil truly IS on my a$$ 24/7 and is now even confronting me at my beloved place of refuge, Starbucks.

(4) My family will flip out when they hear how I reacted and that I did not go all out South Alabama on this man.  I can be a bit of a mouth piece myself - especially when I feel the  innocent are being attacked - which is not always a good thing.  Remind me to tell you about that time I led a Wendy's parking lot crowd in a chant to free a non-English speaking family's van from a tow truck.  Anyway, it truly must have been the Holy Spirit that kept me in my seat and kept my mouth shut.  I have no other explanation.

(5)  And finally, and most importantly, what has bothered me most since last night is I am truly amazed at how often I have been persecuted for being a Christian over this last year.   I have mentioned before that for the most part, my family is not on board with the whole God thing, and act a bit condescending toward me about my spiritual endeavors.  Even my husband has mocked me, calling me "Moses" and "Sister Kerri".  This past Sunday, a family member went to church with us for the first time and then immediately came home and started in on the old tired line of how church people are "hypocrites" and blah blah blah - and while we are on that topic, can I just say how utterly tired I am of that one?  If you don't want to go to church - so be it!  Don't blame it on others, attacking the people who do go to church and please use their faults as a excuse for you to ignore God.  Perfect people don't need to go to church.  Most of us are screwed up and that is why we do go!  
But back to the incident at hand, this is not the dark ages, and supposedly everyone is supposed to be accepting of everyone - are we not?  How is it that our society has become so accepting of everything else in the world, but God forbid if you bring a Bible to a Starbucks!  To have had such an off-the-cuff and passionately furious reaction at a table full of women who had done nothing, it was apparent that Angry Man at Starbucks has some sort of deep issue with Christians, God, and/or women in general. Still, I can't help but wonder if he would have reacted the same way had we been dressed like tramps and reading Playgirl or discussing our latest sexual pursuits.  
Oh well, I guess it is just all part of the plan, and as another friend suggested,  
"I bet he will go back to think on that again & again. It may have an impact on him, you never know. "
You never know.  Maybe it will be a part of his testimony someday, and he'll tell others how far God has brought him from having once attacked a ladies Bible study at Starbucks.


  1. You did the right thing Kerri!!! You spoke up for you and your beliefs just as he rudely stood up for his...that's why it's called the good US of A....just glad I wasn't there with you :0).....xoxoxo

  2. WOW!!! I've been to know to be a bit of a mouth myself. I've been trying to reign it in & I think it's great that you didn't go "South Alabama" on him. HA!

  3. Good morning from Tokyo!

    Kerri, I was thinking some of the very same things that you pointed out in this post. The Devil, my like God, works in subtle and myseterious ways at times, and other times, he brings it right to your front door (so to speak). One, I'm glad you and your friends are fine and good~you did the right thing in talking to management. And two, part of being Christian means that we also have to accept that there are those who do not accept us. It's painful and sad, but I'm so proud of you and your group for continuing on quietly and with dignity. I pray for this man to see the light and for you to let yours keep on shining (and I know you will!!).

    Have a wonderful weekend! More than ever I am so glad to "know" you.



  4. Kerri I hate y'all had to feel with a crazy. I am very proud you spoke up.


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