Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let's Eat Yall! {Alice Springs Chicken} and {Beach House Pics}

What we ate and where we ate it!

So while we were at the beach last week, my friend Teresa whipped up her very own version of Alice Springs Chicken.  First, let me confess, while Alice Springs Chicken is Baby Sister's very favorite dish at the Outback restaurant - I have never tried it! Let me just say that this meal was fabulous and easy, so I begged T to let me share it with you! 
Wish I had taken a better picture!
Here's what you need for Teresa's version:
*chicken breasts, boneless 
   T recommends you get the "good ones" like the organic choices because they taste better
*zesty Italian dressing
*honey mustard
*crispy cooked bacon
*provolone cheese

Here's what you do:
*marinate chicken in dressing... she marinated ours all day while we were at the beach...just sayin'! :)
*grill chicken
*slather on honey mustard
*when chicken is done, cover with crispy bacon, smother with provolone cheese and then finish off on grill or in oven

I did a google search and found numerous other recipes for this dish. Most have similar ingredients, some using dijon mustard and many adding mushrooms.  I say customize to your taste buds! :)

While I am on the subject of our beach trip (again) let me show you a few shots of the fabulous beach house we stayed in.  My Aunt was kind enough to rent it for us...thanks, Lynn!  

Ocean Breezes
Across the street from the beach, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths
garage apartment in the back...
queen bed, queen sleeper with kitchen and full bath
steps leading to back patio
back porch and private pool area - one day the wind was really blowing and the rustling palms just lulled you to relaxation out here!
view to the other end
inside back door 
top of stairs
master bedroom - where I wanted to stay, but the boys said "no"
master bath had whirlpool tub with giant separate shower stall
upstairs porch, you could see the beach from the sides, master bedroom opened onto it and so did this room...
I would have also taken this room
or this room but...
this is where the boys made me sleep - SERIOUSLY!
kitchen/dining area and last the living area...
also, it was just a quick walk to the beach!
Overall, it was SUPER nice and we enjoyed ourselves so much!  I know some of you have even nicer homes you live in every day, but for us this was a real treat!
Happy Friday!


  1. I've never had the Alice Springs either... and I worked there in the day ;) I do have all of these ingredients on hand so I'm penciling it in for next week!

    Found you via Flip Flops and Pearls :)

  2. Mmmm, that chicken is going on my list of things to make this summer! YUM!

    The beach house looks amazing! Oh how I would love to stay there!

  3. hahaha Love that you were a good sport and slept in the bunk beds! I'm sure your boys must be thinking you're the best mom ever :)

    I've never had the Alice Springs Chicken at Outback either, but I have made a knock-off recipe. It's some seriously yummy stuff! I love her addition of provolone. I'm going to try that next. And grilling it HAS to make it even 10x better

  4. Found you over at Flip Flops! Love Alice Spring Chicken, thanks for the recipe.. As for beach houses, dont you just love them! We usually try to rent whenever we go to the beach (which is funny, because we live on the coast of south Florida), but when we go anywhere else, the Keys, Apalachicola, we try and rent. So fun and what a great house!

  5. Alice Springs chicken is my favorite dish, too! Jen has great taste! And the beach house was awesome!

  6. That beach house looks like so much fun! We just got back from the mountains and i've never been to the beach....maybe next year :) That chicken looks good too and I love the Outback, i'm gonna have to try it.
    Thanks for stopping by earlier, come back anytime!

  7. The chicken looks wonderful!
    And the beach house is amazing

  8. Alice Springs Chicken is my favorite thing from Outback. Thanks for sharing this recipe! Stopping by from FF&P, hope you have a lovely weekend!

  9. The house looks amazing. What a fun trip! I'm counting down to our next beach trip. Less than 3 wks.!!


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