Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Possible!

So my Mother's cat recently had kittens - unexpectedly - as in she went to the store and my sister called her and said, "Uh, this cat just had five kittens." No one even knew she was preggo - or not fixed for that matter, as she was a new-to-the-family cat. We are not cat people. My Mother only agreed to get a cat to keep the field mice away (she has a graveyard right next to her house - as in some people's feet are actually on her property). The exterminator told her a cat was the best option.
Anyway, I digress....
So, these kittens were born. B decided that he was getting one. I told him "not possible, I am allergic to cats", and his Dad (Chief Cat Hater) told him "NO, NEVER!", but B did not give up. He began to draw out plans as to how he was going to get one of those cats home...

He talked about it for weeks and watched over the kittens daily at my Mother's house. He talked to me every day about what he was going to do with his cat when it came home. He told me stories about dreams he had of him playing with his cat.
When the cats were 6 weeks, my Mother took them to the doctor for shots,then created packages of food, litter, etc,, and said, "These cats have got to go!" B was SO excited when he told me it was time for his cat to come home...so what could I do?
My allergy nurse said I was, "crazy".
B picked out a girl cat because he said, "Girl cats have babies in their tummies and I want a BUNCH of kittens and I will NEVER give ANY of them away!" It's all about quantity with him!

He named her "Possible" because not only was it possible that he would get a cat, but as he said, "It's possible she might go under the couch," and "it's possible she might jump on the chair." I tried to turn him on to another name, but he was SET
It's possible she might be the most spoiled cat ever. In the beginning, she was never left alone.
Have cat, will travel.

Every day, she was bagged up and went to my grandmother's in the morning with b - where one of her siblings was living. They played and played. Then in the afternoon, she got to go to my Mother's and see her Mother, nurse (even though she was too old) and play with her other sibling, who had not yet found a home.

This was all until school was out. Now, she is spoiled since we are home all of the time. She did have a bad week while we were at the beach. I should have left her at my grandmother's, but I didn't, since the
 "ahem" Chief Cat Hater said he would take care of her...
and he did for the most part, but she was just in shock and out of sorts by suddenly being left at home alone for 9 days while he was at work. I think she is over it now.
As for me, I did have swollen eyes one night because I touched the cat and then rubbed them. I learned that lesson quickly. I am still not really over the whole litter box thing, and we are looking at other models.
But, I will say this, cats are pretty low maintenance. You don't have to rush home to let them out, they are pretty self sufficient, and if you have small kids, they don't jump all over them and knock them down like large puppies do. It has definitely been easier for the boys to play with the cat and take care of her.
B even likes to read her bed time stories.

Sometimes you find that things you think aren't possible, really are.
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  1. This is great!!! Glad Possible is doing well. :)

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  3. All things are POSSIBLE if Brodie has his mind set on them! ;) Welcome to the world of cats. They really are wonderful pets. And she is soooo cute!

  4. Yeh, I've never been a cat person. I would love to know how you got the Chief Cat Hater to give in. I want a puppy but the hubs doesn't. He "doesn't hate them, I just don't want one". UGH!!!

  5. Cats are awesome in the way that they do not require a lot of doting, but I do HATE a litter box thus the reason for our cat going outside to pee and poop ;)

  6. Well that is 'possibly' the cutest thing ever and so glad it's going on over at your house and not mine!! lol!
    I'm stopping by from Daph's! Great job guest blogging!
    I'm gonna follow along with you and if you get a chance take a look at my blog :)
    Good witch of the south? I guess we're sisters of sorts but a house hasn't fallen on me.....yet ;)


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