Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Officially Summer! Do you have your list?

Well, although it seems like we have been enjoying summer for a while here at Casa de Mann, today is the official "first day of summer". I always make a list of the things I want to do over the summer, but had not really thought about making it a family activity until I read Meg's blog and saw how she does her Summer List with her family.
We don't have a super cute presentation for ours like she has, but I will work on that for another year. This year we used a basic poster board and markers. Hung in our foyer, is our family's first official Summer List!

The boys helped me come up with ideas and I wrote them on the poster and added a small graphic since they can't really read yet. We have still added a few things here and there as we think of them. The list provides a fun way to look at all of the things we hope to enjoy together during this wonderful season, and it helps scatter-brained-Mama to remember everything we want to do!
Not to be out done, our 2nd in comMANNd official list maker, Master B, wanted to make one of his very own.

He worked on drawing the pictures and then explained to me what each one was. I wrote the captions for him, and for me - of course so I won't forget what they are!

I think this last one is my favorite...

Do you and your family make a summer list? If so how do you do it? If not - try it this summer!
Happy 1st Day of Summer to All!
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  1. This is AUsome!!! You are such a fantastic Mom!!!!

  2. I saw this on Meg's blog last week. Could her chalk board be any cooler?! I like this idea and think I will do it next year. Not that I have summers off, but who says we can't have fun?

  3. Girl, how do you always have it soooo together?! You are "ONE COOL MOM!" Wish I could be more like you. These are memories they will cherish forever. I hope Doug knows just how lucky he is! Love you friend!!

  4. I think I will adopt this idea with Ava next year!!! Such a cute idea! I would love to join in on the homemade ice cream;)

  5. I love this idea! I am going to steal this for next summer! Happy summer Kerri!


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