Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dress Up Isn't Just for Girls

So, my boys love to play dress-up.
We only had girls in my family, and I guess I just always assumed that dress-up was just for girls. I was wrong! I now have a whole trunk of costumes and items for imaginative play.

Sometimes, just hats and shoes will do.

Sometimes, there is more of a purpose. B decided he needed "equipment" to kill a giant black grasshopper.
Spongebob breastplate, skull mitten, cowboy hat, and pirate muskatoon!

oh and a back scratcher!

To kill the bugs in the back yard, he needed a spiderman mask and his "tecting boots" (protecting).
Now these bugs came out of the pool and were already dead.

But, he made me photograph them all anyway - I will spare you the other 30 pictures!
Finally, sometimes just a hat and glasses will meet your purpose.

Especially if you just want to enjoy your homemade fruit smoothie by the pool.

It's all about the presentation!
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  1. these are all hilarious. boys are so fun!

  2. Oh my gosh, those are the best pictures! Ha!

  3. Kerri, I just love reading your blog. It is always so refreshing! Wish you had time to post more. Jan

  4. He's going to kill you when he gets older!!!


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