Friday, May 6, 2011

Too Soon

So a couple of months ago, B was tested to get in to one of the local magnet schools for Kindergarten.  He looked so grown up that morning.  I could hardly stand it!

We hadn't spent much time preparing for this day, so I was a little nervous-at-the-last-minute. I did try to give him a crash course the night before.  I was pretty sure he had learned all that he needed to know in Preschool.  
He wasn't nervous at all and I had assured him it was going to be a fun day and he would like it - thankfully he did!  We celebrated later that day with a drink.

Thankfully, he passed!  Last night, they had open house and we went for a little tour and  to meet his teacher.  I wish I had some great pictures, but I don't.  I was not feeling well (nerves, maybe?) and couldn't stay focused.  Unfortunately, I missed the entire classroom orientation, as I was tied up in the bathroom.  Sad, but true. Hopefully it is out of my system now, and I will do better in the fall - let's pray for that!

My friend Karen took this picture for me.  We look awkward as always! B and I are doing strange things with our legs, b looks miserable, etc., and don't get me started on how fat I look. SIGH I always think I look better than I do until I see myself in pictures. Boo! At least the Canadian didn't appear to hate the world this time. 
Outside, b asked me to take a picture of him and B.  You would think he would look at the camera since he asked for the picture! But, no.  Of course the minute I take it, he says, "Let's see! Let's see! Awwww."
Preschool is ending too soon, and like Scarlet, "I won't think about that now, I'll go crazy if I do.  I'll think about that tomorrow."

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