Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer 2011

Well here I am again - mobile blogging from the blackberry!
Tuesday officially began our summer break. After breakfast, I looked at B and said, "Guess what? It's SUMMER!" He got this look of shock and surprise and said, "IT IS?!? Let's go swimming!" It was 9:00am when they hit the pool and it seems like they haven't been out since! If we go inside to eat or take a break, b says, "Outside Mommy! It's summer!" Today, they have been busy driving remote control boats.
They are asking for the beach, too. We will be heading that way before too long.
I am so glad my boys love the sunshine, water, and outdoors. Even though it has been ridiculously hot already, this is still the best time of the year for the Mann Fam! :)


  1. Is that a painting or chalk picture on your fence? I love it! If I was your boys...I would be wanting to hangout in your backyard too! Looks like a dream summer to me!

  2. REally??? When do you guys go back? That seems early. WE're not off from school till end of June.


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