Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Soccer Streaker Surprise

So, Saturday, B had a soccer game.  He was in a funky mood and not really hustling or interested in playing.  I am not sure what was up with him, because usually he loves it.

So as I am sitting there watching him roam around the field, b was playing under my chair and rolling around in the grass.  I could feel him there bumping my chair and moving around, but I couldn't see him as he was under and behind me.

Much to my surprise - and everyone else's - he suddenly came streaking from around the back of my chair and raced out into the middle of the soccer game....naked!  Well, almost naked.  Luckily he had kept his pull-up on.

I had no idea that while he was rustling around under my chair, he was taking off his clothes.  Earlier, he had told me it was "hot" and he does run around in our backyard without clothes, but I could NOT believe he did such a thing.

Three fields of play came to a stop as everyone was watching and laughing at the Canadian as he was trying to drag b off of the field.  He did not want to leave.

He also refused to put his clothes back on.  I just did not have the energy to fight him and I didn't want to go sit in the car, so I let him stay like that until the game was over.

I can only imagine what people think of me as a Mother!


  1. That is hilarious! Wait until he sees these pictures again when he's a teenager! Only someone who isn't a mom and doesn't know what it's like to be one...would think anything less than you're a wonderful mom!

  2. Add the streaking picture to the pile of photos that needs to be shown at his wedding!

  3. Good morning from Tokyo!

    Oh my goodness, I had to laugh. As a soccer mom for almost 7 years I have seen many things on the field. "Baby on the field!" was usually the most common-when a young child wandered onto the field because they wanted to play like the bigger children. But we did have our fair share of streakers, so don't you worry.

    It's normal at that age and you handled yourself like a champ! You didn't have a melt down or force the situation. It was resolved quietly and without much hulabaloo. That is what the other parents will remember! Grace under fire. Good for you!

    A lovely day to you and your sweet ones...



  4. OH.MY.GAWD.

    I am about to wet my pants!!!!!

    This is hysterical!

  5. That's hilarious, Kerri! Thanks for the laugh today!

  6. They likely think you are a typical mom with a typical toddler. Deaglan takes off his clothes every chance he gets!


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