Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Odds and Ends

More Spring Break 2011 in review...

So , I have been somewhat behind in posting some of the things I wanted to post.  This blog is my scrapbook, and just like a real scrapbook, it can pile up quickly!  Here are a few more odds and ends I wanted to note from our Spring Break Stay-cation.

We broke the "total restaurant ban" and started most days with breakfast out.  It is hard to take the boys to restaurants these days, but they are big breakfast eaters and behave better in the morning.

Waffle House
Scary Kerri without makeup & hairdo!
Ginger's Family Restaurant - working hard to keep b entertained.
one morning we just had Starbucks - don't judge me! ;)

Sometimes we ate lunch in the car to and from.  B loves tacos with lettuce and cheese only.  He will not eat meat of any sort. 
I have no idea where he gets his pickiness. ahem.

We braved dinner out a time or two.  Johnny's New York Pizza is delicious and kid-friendly.  
They gave the boys pizza dough to play with while we waited.

These garlic knots were to die for - and totally fat free! (okay maybe "knot")

We spent most of our days outside.  Last year, I felt sorry for myself watching all of my friends on Facebook who were at the beach during Spring Break.  This year, I am in a better place mentally and was glad to be home and safely away from the crowds and chaos of traveling with 2 little ones.  We did have a taste of the beach, though...
We picked up the sandbox from my Mother's house and they loved it!  b would look out at it every morning and say, "Let's go to the beach!"
He was real bossy about what we could and could not do.  He also liked to stomp down the sand castles B and I built.
The pool was way too cold for me, but the boys loved it of course!

The patio around our pool/race track was open for business.  There were a few tricycle wars. 
no one was willing to budge
B won and overtook the big wheel at top speed
and b was hot on his heels with a bat to reclaim his ride
luckily, I had my anxiety spray so I could endure the madness
and I took my vitamins faithfully, too!
But, overall, hanging at the pool was fun.
B is still a little OCD, not sure where he gets that either. ahem.

There were also a few balloon wars.  
Later, B named the balloons his "Bubble Buddies" and wouldn't let anyone hurt them.
for the record, b does wear pants from time to time.  
Mostly he rebels against the chaffing of wet swimming trunks.

We went shopping a few times.  
The boys love to hang out on the toy aisles and try to manipulate me into buying everything. :)

We saw "Hop" at the movie.  It was so cute!  I was thrilled to finally know all of the secrets to how the Easter Bunny (or as b calls him "Mystery Bunny") does it.

We spent some time trying to teach JoJo how to behave.  It's not working too well, yet.
mostly, he ignores us
no dogs on the beach JoJo!
He did well on a long walk around the park.  If only we had time for that every night, we'd probably all be a lot happier.
So, all in all, it was a good week.  And even thought we didn't go anywhere - except of course to the Wild Animal Safari...
and I'm still not over that smelly bus ride
...it was a fun week.  Peace out Spring Break 2011!  Thanks for the memories!
Bring on Summer!


  1. Looks like you had a great time!

    P.S. Love that you have anxiety spray...I totally do too...only I call it my "crazy" spray lol

  2. I'm so envious of your activity filled backyard. My dream in our next house is to have a pool. And you look beautiful without makeup by the way. I hope you were feeling sorry for me while you were frolicking in the sun. We got snow again today:(


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