Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This is not a Couponing Blog, but...

People keep asking me how I organize my coupons.  Let me just say, I have tried every method known to "Mann" and finally found what works best for me.
Originally, I tried the little accordion file.  I tried about 3 variations/sizes of the one you see here...

I then tried an index card box.  Let me just tell you how happy I was when my 3 year old dumped it out and 9 million cards and coupons when flying into a total mess!
Product Details
Then, I decided to try the baseball card binder method so I could clearly see and find everything that I had.  It looked similar to this...
coupon binder
photo from here
I found that none of these organizational strategies worked for me because:
  • They require you to cut out 9 million coupons that you will never use - I simply don't have time for that! 
  • It was very difficult to find the coupons that I needed when I needed them.
Finally, after much frustration, I attended Jenny's workshop...

and discovered her recommended Accordion File Method.  So, I pulled out an old accordion file I had and voila!
Coupons are organized be the date they are issued.  In the Sunday papers, we get the SmartSource and the RedPlum.  I simply write the date on the cover sheet and file it by date.

Most coupon help/tip sites, like SouthernSavers, will tell you where to find the coupons, based on the title of the publication and the date, like RP 3/6/11.  The accordion method makes it super easy to quickly put your hands on the coupons you need, and you only cut out the coupons you need when you need them - hallelujah!

When you run out of slots in the file, you just trash the oldest one, since most of those coupons are expired by that point anyway.  I do keep the back section open for any special mailers or coupon bundles that come from other sources.
So there you have it!  Happy saving!


  1. I would never have thought of organizing a file by date to use. I've tried this before my types of food. My daughter and dil both do a lot of couponing! I'm passing this along!

    Thanks for the great tip!

  2. Good afternoon from Tokyo!

    Living in Japan, coupons aren't used often, but they're very big on point cards. I think your file method make so much sense! When we do return home, I know I may be coming to you for advice on organizing our many coupons.

    A lovely day to you and yours...



  3. Hey I tagged you in a handwriting game if you want to participate :)

  4. I have a small accordion file that I use for my coupons and they are in there by date of experiation.

  5. I said this to someone else - I wish couponing was a thing over here. I'm so jealous of the people on those shows who end up spending nothing on hundreds of dollars worth of groceries. Oh Canada!


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