Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

Friday is one of my favorite days of the week.  In fact, I love Fridays!  Even though you still have to work/go to school, you have the excitement of knowing the weekend begins tomorrow.  While I do love Saturdays, probably more than any day of the week, there is something about the anticipation of the Saturday coming that makes Friday a touch more exciting.  In honor of this glorious day of the week, I am giving myself and all of you a challenge for the weekend...give it all over to Him for these few days.  Let Him work it out.  No worries or stress, just be and enjoy!

Give your burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.
Psalm 55:22 


  1. Happy Friday Kerri! Fridays do seem happier and more relaxed...anticipating what the weekend will bring. Have a good one!

  2. I don't look forward to Saturdays because my husband works (car sales). But I do love Fridays. Great verse.


Kerri says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I LOVE reading your comments.

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