Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day is Over - Bring on Easter!

As one holiday draws to a close, my mind is already on the next!  Of course I know St. Patrick's Day is really next, but it isn't much of a kid holiday.  So my mind is on Easter!  
When I was a kid, my sister and I had 1 Easter basket, which was refilled each year.  We never got those pre-packaged disposable baskets - secretly I always wanted one of those!  I have continued the same tradition with my boys, with a few hiccups...
Today, I picked up these newly embroidered Easter Basket Liners!
Now, before you go thinking I am so on top of things, and ahead of the game, let me explain.  When B was born, I ordered his Easter basket from Pottery Barn Kids in plenty of time for Easter.   See how cute he was!
He was blowing spit bubbles at me while I took 9 million photos.  Again I ask - how is it that he is now 5 years old??
When b was born,  I forgot to order a basket for his 1st Easter.  FORGOT.  
So, I could not bear to bring out B's personalized basket.  I shelved it and bought 2 inexpensive baskets from the Walmart. SIGH.
Clearly you can see the look of confusion and neglect on b's little face.  He knows something is not right!
So, I ordered him a PBKids basket the week after Easter.  They were on sale.  
But, I never got around to ordering a liner.  So for b's 2nd Easter, he had a basket, but no liner...
You can see he is much happier with this basket - lol!
And then last year, for b's 3rd Easter, I still didn't remember in time, so he received his basket sans liner.  AGAIN.  So, I ordered a liner...the week after Easter.  It was on sale on ebay.
I made a vow to have it ready this year - in time!  So now, for his 4th Easter, b will finally have his Easter basket and monogrammed liner.  It's tough being the 2nd kid!  
I had my friend at It's In the Bag do the monogramming.  She removed B's original plain white monogram and restitched it to match b's.  
It looks SO much better now!  I love them and can't wait until Easter!
As a side note, turns out we have used those Walmart baskets a lot, too.  They are perfect for school and community egg hunts where you might not want your keepsake basket to be used.  Go figure.
Cheers to the next holiday!  What are you planning?

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  1. I had a basket that was used every year growing up. My grandmother made it and a crochet chicken in a bonnet to sit in it. My mother has lost it.
    They had jelly beans out yesterday morning and I already gave in to them.


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