Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ten on tuesday


{ten pics from a long weekend}

I made the Canadian pick this up off the side of the road.  He would rather die of course.  Growing up in meager  circumstances has made him "funny" about stuff like that.  Anyway, this is an old pine chest of drawers - without drawers.  I am thinking I can turn it in to something usable, since the wood is so good and sturdy.  I am thinking this may be my first "distressed" project.  Stay tuned!

B had a stomach bug for most of the weekend.  As much as he tried to play, it kept taking him down.  He would cry and ask, "Mommy, when is my stomach going to be better?  I can't handle this!"  He is rather dramatic, but he really was sick and I felt terrible for him.  The weather was so beautiful and he was desperate to stay outside and play.  During his resting, he watched Free Willy for the first time.  He is now obsessed!  He cried at the end when Willy left the little boy and was reunited with his pod.  B said it was "the best movie ever".  He wants to help save whales - has my little Sharkboy become an Orca Mann?

I shared this on Twitter, but had to officially post it here for the record...  No, that's not a yamaka and we are not Jewish.  This is little b returning from an exploratory mission in my room.  I bet you'll never guess which drawer he was in!  

{four, five, six}
By Sunday afternoon, B was feeling a little better, and was well enough to head down to the local Petsmart with the family.  The Canadian saw a puppy there on Saturday (when he was next door at the Fresh Market getting that delicious tuna steak - see I am still thinking about that meal!) and he wanted us to go back on Sunday afternoon to see if the dog was still there.  We haven't had success with getting a dog since we lost our precious Blue.  On the way, I just prayed that the dog would not be there if it was not meant to be.
...but he was there, and here he is!  He is a Border Collie mix and seems real sweet.  We aren't sure what we want to call him yet.  The shelter people called him Joe-Joe.

{seven, eight, nine}
So by Monday, B was feeling better - thank goodness!  He decided to make a list of all the things we needed to do. He takes after his Mama and makes many, many lists daily.  He used the diving board as his work space, while b climbed all over the wood pile (which drives me nuts!).
Finally, B was finished with the plan, and we had to get right to work.  One of the activities was 90 jumping jacks.  I thought I might die trying to make it through!
There was a front and back...it was a loooonnnng morning of events!

So by Monday evening, B was in tip top shape and eating everything in sight.  He hadn't eaten since Thursday of last week.  He begged for some french fries, but was not thrilled with his Happy Meal prize.  Although we said "for a boy", someone made a mistake.  B said it was the "baddest toy ever" - and in this case "bad" didn't mean "good".

Happy Tuesday - which really feels like a Monday after such a long weekend!


  1. Congrats on the new puppy! I walked right past the adoption tent Saturday when after leaving Target. We adopted our cat from there 6 years ago. :) I hope Joe-Joe is up for an exciting life with two little boys!

  2. Such cute pics! I'm glad your little man is feeling better!

  3. I am jealous of the dresser. I'm always on the lookout for treasures on the side of he road...Shaune's pretty cooperative.

    Love that you passed on your listmaking gene!

  4. Ha! Love the dress up picture! He and Celia would be great dress-up partners in crime, for sure :)

  5. What a list maker you have! That is sooo cute and something that seriously warms a teacher's heart. :-) He's going to be a great writer.

    And congrats on the new puppy! He is such a cutie!

  6. ahhh it's the worst when they mess up your McDonald's toy!! Happened to me a couple times back in the day :)

  7. Glad B is feeling better.
    The puppy is adorable!!!
    Big McD's fail on the happy meal toy.


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