Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Star Student

Drum roll please...
We have a Star Student!
B was super excited bto be the Star Student of his Preschool Class!  This exciting honor brings with it several important responsibilities and tasks.  First, you get to make a poster about yourself and present it to the class.  He had a great time making it, and put Superhero stickers on and helped to glue things down.
He selected the pictures all by himself and told me what to write.  It was rather hard finding pictures at our house since we rarely ever print pictures anymore - is that becoming a thing of the past?
He also made a small poster to go along with it because he was just dying to use all of the stickers.
As Star Student, you get to be the line leader and wear a special "Student of the Week" badge each day.

You also get to select and provide your favorite snacks for the class.  For this reason, The Canadian said essentially the Star Student "gets screwed".  He did make a special appearance, though, and helped B dress in his hockey gear for a special presentation for the class.  

Hockey is rather rare here in GA, so the students were excited to see the equipment and asked a few questions about Canada, too.  They were particularly interested in the fact that the Canadian had on flip-flops in the middle of winter.  That is definitely one of the quickest ways to spot a professional hockey player in this southern town!


  1. How AUsome!!! I can only imagine how proud you must be. You are such a fantastic parent!!!

  2. That's awesome...those kids are on task I tell ya..we always give him crap about his never wavering devotion to the flop lol

  3. L-O-V-E the last picture...Doug looks so proud with that big smile on his face! Proud of B even though Danger felt that certain parts of being star student was not fair lol For the record TIMMAY agreed with Danger 100% ;)

  4. Very cool! Glad the kids enjoyed all the hockey gear

  5. How fun, I bet he'll remember that for a long time to come. Nothing like feeling like a rock star for a week. :-) (or hockey star, as the case may be!)


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