Thursday, February 17, 2011

S is for Susan

{S is for Susan}
as in my Aunt Susan
or as you may have heard me refer to her from time to time,
my "drunk Aunt Susan"
sometimes I miss her so much it hurts
today was one of those days as I was
sitting mindlessly at work and "Wheel in the Sky" by Journey came on the radio
and there she was... or should have been
and I missed her
and then when the song was over, I changed the channel and...
yep, you guessed it, Journey was on the next station
"Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'"
and I smiled
because I know she was there
and I have read but never participated in Mrs. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursdays before, but imagine my surprise when I saw that today's letter is "S"
so I had to post
for my drunk Aunt Susan
who has been sober now since 2006.

Jenny Matlock


  1. I have a very close family member who is in their 2nd week at a rehab facility for alcoholism right now. I hope when he gets out we can remove the word "drunk" from the beginning of his name and replace it with "sober" :)

    Isn't it strange how certain songs bring up memories or feelings out of nowhere? It always catches me off guard!

  2. okay you just made me tear up....I miss her too....there are times that I know without a doubt she is still watching, sometimes I can "feel" her, I know that sounds weird but I can. Good ole drunk Aunt Susan...I'd give anything to pick up the phone and hear "get down here you little sh@t, I need you to drive me somewhere" LOL, "little Sh@t" was a term of endearment coming from her lol!!!

  3. @Lindsay I wish all the best for your family and a better outcome than we had.

    @Jennifer - I bet some people would say "oh don't be sad you know your Aunt wouldn't want that" and we both know there is nothing further from the truth! she'd LOVE nothing more than the attention and for us to pine away for her and cry and ache until our last breath! She always said we'd miss her when she was gone. She was right.

  4. What a touching tribute! Glad you came on board for Alphabe-Thursday!

  5. I am so glad that you have good memories of Aunt Susan, I had someone in my life that drank and she was just mean. Please cherish your memories.

  6. Grief is a funny thing and I believe she was there too. How can we think we know everything in our limited knowledge? Since losing my brother, I'm much more questioning of what's really going on.

  7. What a super tribute to your aunt. Surely she is there choosing songs for you and hoping you remember her fondly without missing her too much.

  8. Memories of someone you miss can pop up in unexpected places. If you were very close to that person, your feelings are not of all one kind. In your case it is songs that she liked that 'haunt' you.
    I miss my father. But it is passages in books that I read, that I wish that I could share with him.
    Welcome to Alphabe-Thursday!
    Best wishes,
    Anna's AT-S, S is for Swedish Summer in books

  9. lovely...

    bittersweet memories.

  10. I'm sorry to read of your loss...In 2008 I lost my brother to a long drawn out illness so I understand your hurt...sometimes it's paralyzing..and I too have, almost eerie, moments brought on by a song, places we visit, even smells that remind me of him almost like I can feel him in that moment with me.
    I look forward to someday seeing him again.....

  11. Addiction in all its forms can create such devastating losses.

    I'm sorry for yours.

    It's sometimes hard to make sense of this...there are some good AA books and NA books along with the meetings that might help you find some peace in your loss.

    Thanks for sharing this poignant link on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "S".

    Sending you an A+ and a special hug.

    I know these demons.

    They are heart-rending.


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