Monday, February 7, 2011

Miscellany Monday

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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Today my 5 year old said 3 things that surprised me...

(1) He wants a tattoo
B - Mommy, do you know what a red anchor means?  It means that you are realllllll strong.  Can I get a red anchor?
Me - What do you mean?  What kind of red anchor?
B - On my skin.

(2) He remembers the bad words
B - Mommy, why do people say bad words?  Is it because they break their toy or something?
Me - Well, sometimes people just say them by mistake.  We need to always use good words.
B - Daddy uses bad words....and I remember them.

(3) He is tired of school
B - Mommy, why are we always going to school day after day after day after day?
Me - But, you like school and never want to leave when we pick you up.
B - I know but I need a break.

So at 5 years old, my son is on track to be a foul-mouthed, tattooed drop-out

Guess we are doing a FABulous job at parenting!  What a Miscellany Monday!


  1. Haha! Those are the best quotes! So cute. Especially about how he remembers the bad words :D. Kids are so honest.

  2. PRICELESS!!! Reasons why I love that kid sooo much!!!

  3. Hilarious!! I love that he totally ratted daddy out!

  4. This is such a priceless post!! You will love looking back at it one day I bet :)

  5. love makes me laugh

    xo monica


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