Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's In The Water

When the role is called up yonder 
I hope you see me there 
It's in the water 
It's where you came from 
It's in the water 
It's where you came from 
Radioactive, Kings of Leon

can't keep these boys out of the water these days
Like Meg mentioned in her post, I too, have been obsessed with Radioactive lately.  I love the Kings.  Anyway, my Bigmama always sang the old hymn When the Roll is Called Up Yonder and so this song is really cool to me in connection with those memories, and it also reminds me that
Jesus is the Living Water.  
I hope to focus on Him for the next 21 days, as I join mychurch and embark upon my first "fast". 
I am giving up Starbucks and Coffee for 21 days.
This will not be easy for me.

It's in the water... 
It's in the story 
It's where you came from 
The sons and daughters 
In all their glory 
It's gonna shape them 
And when they clash 
And come together 
And start rising 
Just drink the water 
Where you came from


  1. Good for you!! This is awesome!! Starbucks would be hard for me to give up but I can't think of a better reason to do so :) Wishing you the best in this journey!!

  2. Your dinner looks soooo good! So jealous that your kiddos are in shorts...our snow finally all melted this better stay that way!

  3. I hadn't listened to the lyrics closely but now will. Good luck with your fast!


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