Friday, January 14, 2011

This is where we used to live

My Mom and Me on the steps that led up to the old house

I was brought home from the hospital to this house

and was rocked on the front porch swing every night

I learned to walk on the cold hardwoods

I celebrated birthdays in the dining room

and holidays in the living room

I played in the back yard

and went for bike rides in the neighborhood

it was a good house, it was our home.

those steps are all that's left today

they tore the house down last month

Only memories, fading memories
blending into dull tableaux
I want them back.


  1. AND...Terry says all these pics look like ME with you as a baby... :)

  2. :) yep, the house on the ditch - gone but not forgotten! :)

  3. oh how sad. the home i grew up in was condemned for a little while due to mold. it was so sad to drive by and see it empty. but now everything has been fixed and people are living there again...happy.

    i would be sad to see it torn down.

    love all of the fun!!

  4. You will always have your memories and pictures. So sad. Your pictures are great!

  5. How sad! But wonderful that you have such great memories there!

    I love your blogger and wanted to award you with this blogger award!

  6. That is sad to see. But you do have the pictures and memories. The house I was brought home to looked similar


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