Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday

{show us your nightstand}

If master organizer Peter Walsh is telling the truth in his book, It's All Too Much, where he explains that the Master Bedroom drives the house, then it is no wonder that my house is in chaos!
It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff

Usually, my nightstand is piled up with kid's cups, pens, books, my Bible, Play-doh - whatever!  It just so happens that I did a deep clean of my room this week, so it is all clear at this moment.

Back to Peter...he recommends that you keep you master bedroom like a Hotel Room.  Nothing much personal, and definitely no clutter (or as he says "cluttah").

I have read his book 2 times, and done his recommended "trash bag tango" more times than I would like to admit, but more stuff just keeps coming in - and yes, it is definitely all too much!

Let me be clear, though, I highly recommend the book.  It is a fast read and it can definitely give you some perspectives on overcoming emotional attachment to "things".

Now, keeping in mind I have small children and had to pack up all of my decorations like candles, frames, etc., years ago, this is it!  

Sorry, but plain, boring, and clear is all we can go for these days.  I am not much on a bunch of clutter, though, or a bunch of stuff that I may have to dust.  That being said here are a couple more simple ones I like out there in "pretty world"...

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Happy Tuesday to All!


  1. Love the bit of green you have there! How do you remember to water it?? ;-)

  2. Peter Walsh used to have a show on TLC, Clean Sweep, or something like that. I always enjoyed watching it because he broke it down to people that were holding on SO MUCH stuff. Things are not good if they clutter your life. AGREED. I also use his rule of if you have not worn something in 6 months (excluding different seasons) then get rid of it. And I do, I take bags of clothing, out of style shoes, handbags, etc. to the donation boxes every few months. Now, if only I could have Libby purge her toy box very other month, we'd be on to something. I like this post!

  3. I love wicker! Your nightstand is lovely...I am jealous of your greenery...that is what I had to HIDE from my little one!

  4. Simple is chic! My nightstand is a stand with baskets holding diapers, wipes, and baby stuff. Papa Bear gets the "real" one on his side.

  5. That book sounds like it's right up my alley. Maybe I'll check it out. And, I would love to do a little work on making my bedroom a more relaxing place. It's on the long term to-do list for sure.

  6. Oh, I must check out that book. I am an organizational freak and love throwing out, so I'd probably enjoy this book.

    Love the very neat and clean look of your nightstand. Very attractive!

    Enjoyed stopping by and meeting another blogging friend. Blessings!

  7. Definitely looks calming!! I had no idea he had written a book...chaos definitely describes my master bedroom :)

  8. Hey, your bedroom looks great! Ours looks like a showroom at Salvation Army. Well our bed is new but all three of our dressers are mismatched and hand-me-downs. Our bedroom is where I put everything that doesn't go int the basement. Peter Walsh would cringe at the sight of it!

  9. Your nightstand looks great. I don't like mine to have much clutter as it makes me feel like I need to be cleaning.


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