Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday

{Show us your Laundry Room!}

Disclaimer:  I have NO CLUE why I am participating in this week (or any week for that matter) as my Laundry Room is HEINOUS and EMBARRASSING.

So, the minute I read (on Monday) that Home Tour Tuesday would be to feature the Laundry Room, I braved the walk downstairs to the cold basement and saw this:

Yes, sad as it is, this is typically what my Laundry Room looks like! {hangs head in shame}. 
Now do you see why I hate to go in there and hate to do laundry?
But, since it was a Snow Day and since the boys were busy playing trains, I decided to clean it up.
Still an awful place, but at least it is clean, right?  I envy all of you with your modern appliances and "cutely" decorated Laundry Rooms!
As you can see, there are a ton of detergents, tp, and such on the shelf.  
I am a couponer - not a hoarder!  As per the couponing "rules", I have to buy 6 weeks worth when it is on sale, so this is where it goes.
Now if, I had a fabulous house with a fabulous laundry room, it might look something like one of these...

A girl can dream, right?
Well, now that I have been exposed, I guess I'll go buy a lottery ticket to see if I can win and get a new laundry room!  If you want to expose yourself or make us all envious of your room, cruise on over to HTT and link up!


  1. Your laundry room is perfectly functional and very bright for a basement room! Ours may be large, but that just means more room for junk (which mine was filled with before I cleaned it to participate in the home tour) I applaud your honesty with your before picture!


    You did a fantastic job!!! I am so glad that this weeks tour motivated you to make your laundry room a little more enjoyable. They are NOT enjoyable, by no means. But the more ya like it, the less stressful walking in there is, at least for me, lol!

    I love the ones you posted-
    thanks for playing along and "airing your dirty laundry"

  3. You were definitely a busy bee today! Wow, it looks amazing! Great job to you!

    And so funny, when I was posting my inspiration laundry room shots, I came across those same pictures. Great minds think alike, huh?!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. You've been a busy girl!! :) I love that you're a coupon-er, not a hoarder!! Ahhh, those inspiration rooms are depressing huh? ;)

  5. It looks like you got a ton done! I don't have a great laundry room either. Maybe I'll fix it up one day.

  6. Ugh... my laundry room looks very similar! Stuff everywhere! At least you were brave enough to post yours. :) What a great after shot!

    I'm with you on the dream laundry rooms... I ♡ the second picture! It's awesome... Two washing machines and two dryers! That's the bomb... Oh! and a farm sink to boot! Can't get much better than that!

    Cute blog by the way...

  7. You have to love those wonderful Snow Days when you get everything you don't want to do done :-)

    Looks great though!!!

  8. nice clean up job. i have a sad sad laundry room, even worse than your before photo. it is a neglected room with way too many clothes piled up.

  9. Kerri, I also envy people with cutely decorated laundry rooms!! In fact I envy people who have actual rooms for laundry! My laundry "closet" is such a bummer, especially when looking at those beautiful inspiration pics. Great clean up girl, I bet it felt great to take that after picture :)

  10. I dream of a pretty laundry room too.
    I just have a closet at this point.


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