Monday, January 3, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese - The Last Hooray!

So we spent our last day of vacay at Chuck E. Cheese.  Normally, I despise this place and have often referred to it as a certain level of Hell, however, today was different - so I need to share!
As any experienced Mother would, to avoid the crowd and any possible chaos, we went early, right after they opened.  I took some "joy juice" in to help ease the pain.
b has been the main one asking to go to Chuck E. Cheese lately, as he sees the advertisement on PBS and in the newspaper.  Well, wouldn't you know that the minute we get in the parking lot, and B excitedly said, "Look b! It's Chuck E. Cheese's!" b replied, "NO!" and refused to get out of the car."  So I had to make him get out and go in - he was terrified.  
So this child - who will NOT sit still at any table at any other restaurant, refused to leave the booth!
All of the workers were SO polite.  They seemed sincere in saying they were happy we were there and they hoped we enjoyed ourselves. b was obviously scared and looking all around and I realized he was scared that Chuck E. Cheeese would appear.  
There were workers all about cleaning everything from top to bottom - and it was clean in there!  They warned me when Chuck E. Cheese would come out so as not to scare b further.  

All of the games and rides were functional and there was a nice atmosphere in the place.  B had a blast playing and winning tickets.
I think he enjoyed having a little independence to run around and play without me hovering.
Since it wasn't crowded, and with the way the room is arranged, I could pretty much see him from the table, but he didn't know that and felt like big stuff out on his own.
I was hanging out at the table with b, who went down under the minute Chuck E. Cheese appeared on the scene...
Now, this part was pretty cool - Chuck E. Cheese came out and did the Cuban Shuffle with the kids!
Then, at the end of the dance, he throws a big "pawful" of tickets in the air and the kids scramble around picking them up.
They all had a blast! Even b had fun under the table...
He did finally come out and insisted on getting one of those birthday crowns and a "bahl-yoon".  
B wanted one as well, and actually it turned out to be a good idea, because then I could easily spot them from anywhere in the place. In fact, we might get balloons from now on every time we go!
At the end of the day, B told me he had the "Greatest day" and the "Luckiest day" at Chuck E. Cheese.  

As much as it shocks me to say it, so did I!  Although we've been there many times, I was reminded of the very first trip to Chuck E. Cheese the 3 of us made together linked here.
Time goes so fast.  I will miss them so much tomorrow.


  1. I wonder if Chuck E Cheeses has turned over a new leaf? I also think of it as some version of hell- crowded, noisy, dirty, gross food... Glad you had such a good time there!

  2. Glad your trip was a good one. We went to a birthday party last year...on a Saturday night, and Drew and I were so scared that we've not ventured back! To be fair there were 3 other parties going on, but yikes!

    Also, today is my first day back and it was hard to resist pulling the covers over my face and protesting!(Libby did!)

    However, we are so blessed to have two weeks I've been trying to focus on that!

    Have a good day back at work.


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