Thursday, January 20, 2011

80s Music Flashback {Rio} {Duran Duran}

Thanks for joining me for this week's edition of 80s Music Flashback!  This week's song is...
by Duran Duran

from the album of the same title...
Can I just say that the WHOLE album is AWESOME!!
Tracks include:
"Rio" [US album remix] – 5:28
"My Own Way" [Carnival remix] – 4:36
"Lonely In Your Nightmare" [US album remix] – 4:52
"Hungry Like the Wolf" [Night Version] – 5:14
"Hold Back the Rain" [US album remix] – 6:32
"New Religion" – 5:31
"Last Chance on the Stairway" – 4:18
"Save a Prayer" – 5:33
"The Chauffeur" – 5:12

Favorite Lyrics:
At the end of the drive, the lawmen arrive you make me feel
alive alive alive
I'll take my chance 'cause luck is on my side
I tell you something I know what you're thinking
I tell you something, I know what you're thinking 

Favorite Part:
the saxophone solo is AMAZING!!

My group of girlfriends and I were Duran Duran FREAKS!  SERIOUSLY!  We all had an "assigned" band member, and we took on their last name.  For example, my friend Kristi, who was in love with Simon (the lead singer Simon Le Bon), was known as Kristi Le Bon.  We made trips to the mall to get Duran Duran concert pins to wear...

We bought the same kind of shoes that they wore, totally heinous by today's standards, but loved them and thought we were the BOMB in them -  well, since it was the 80s, we probably thought we were totally awesome!  They were actually white jazz shoes like these:
Can you imagine?!  We wore these year round - yes, even after Labor Day!

When MTV first debuted, Rio was one of those original early videos played during that time.  It was AMAZING to us!  We would sit by the TV and pray for the video to come on.  We even put the tape recorder next to the TV to record our favorite songs (early piracy?).  

Flash Forward:
Now that MTV is no longer like the original MTV that those of us true 80s kids remember, the only place you can really catch the Rio video is YouTube. Thank Sweet Baby Jesus for XM Satellite Radio 80s on 8, too! I can honestly say that when I am driving down the road and Rio comes on, I am lost in a glorious time warp to those fabulous, fun, carefree days - oh and don't please don't speak to me during that sax solo...I will be worlds and worlds away...too far to even hear you!  Go experience it for yourself!


What 80s band were you fanatical about?


  1. OM-GOODNESS!! I am commenting on my own blog - I SO LOVE this video!!!

  2. FUN post...and i love that you commented on your own blog. LOL.

    i was a huge Duran Duran fan and i also loved Tears for Fear...

    oh the 80's the clothes the music the HAIR!

  3. OMGosh...
    Duran Duran....
    I am feeling O L D now, lol!

    Happy Friday!

  4. OMG..this post brought back memories and made me realize that I am getting older..LOL. Thanks for the flash back memories.

    Newest follower.

    Hopefully you will stop by and would love for you to follow back.

    Happy Friday!!!

  5. OMG! Duran Duran! I just talked about them in the last comment I made. I LOVE Duran Duran. Roger was my favorite. Such a hottie. Thanks for the flashback!


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