Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011!!! Day 1-1-11

You crown the year with Your goodness, 
And Your paths drip with abundance. Psalm 65:11

We brought in 2011 with fun in the sunshine, with a few *B@nG*s and with 2 yard fires!

We were so thankful to have some warm sunshine on New Years Eve to break out from our cabin fever and go outside.  When I first opened the back door, the boys just took off running screaming, "OUTSIDE!!!" and they just ran and ran.

They made obstacle courses for their remote control trucks and spiders.

They played in the tent.

It was a great day.  We never took off our pajamas!

Because it was so hot, it dried up all of the moisture that had been hanging around in the yard.

So later, when we went out to shoot our fireworks...

the newly dried yard caught on fire!
The Canadian put out the fire, but after a few more fireworks...

a second fire began.

B was intrigued by all of the action and had a great time.

b, not so much.  He hid behind me and peeked through my legs.  He kept saying, "Daddy!  Be careful! Fire! Don't touch it!"

I am glad that yesterday was so fun, as today, has been a bit miserable and very rainy.  There's been wrestling, arguments, spills, falls, you know - all of the normal boy chaos.

But I am hopeful.

The normally negative Canadian posted this on his Facebook page:
Happy New Year hope everyone has a good year and keeps up because a family member said it was the year of the "MANNS" look out and be careful.

We shall see.


  1. Happy New Year and thanks so much for reading my post. It seems like you have had a wonderful start to a new year.

  2. I love seeing the boys play together, it makes me want that for mine...someday soon I'm sure. Negative Canadian? Never heard of that before. just kidding.


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